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Ramona Embry ,   USMC  Jan 94 - Jan 98   ramonasembry@hotmail.com
Semper Fi Sisters! Looking for anyone who I served with and all PLT 4011 and 4010 sisters and DI's! OohRAH
Barbra Allen Betsch Kirkland ,   USMC  March 1978-October 1986   barbrakirkland@gmail.com
Hello to my fellow Women Marines and happy birthday. Since I first joined the Marine Corps, I have participated in many of the early changes for WMs. I was among the first to qualify with a rifle and earn a sharp shooter badge. I am so proud to be a Marine and so proud of all my sisters. Semper Fi.
MSgt Merrill Vaughan, (Ret) ,   USAF  26-11-71 - 31-05-93   AFRETE793@yahoo.com
I am here in memory of my mother, PFC Margret L. Pheatt, USMCR, 1942 - 1945, Fox and Hotel Companies, Hq, USMC
Felicia Cinatl ,   USMC  2003-2015   Fcinatl@yahoo.com
We typically don’t get the same recognition as our male counterparts. So, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all the brave women who have served their country and paved the way for me in today's Marine Corps.
Elisha Cohea ,   USMC  March 23, 2003 to April 21, 2011   Eacohea@yahoo.com
Proud to be part of the fewer, the prouder.... Women Marines! Semper Fi ladies.
Lorrie Barnes ,   USMC  1979-82   Scoutpta@aol.com
Recently I had the opportunity to view the Molly Marine statue in New Orleans and the restaurant Mothers where it was designated as a tins tavern. Love learning about the history of the corps wherever my travels my lead.
Elizabeth Voss ,   USMC  1986-1987   lisa75149@gmail.com
The Marine corp taught me how to handle Life. How to deal the problems you will face in life.
Jessica Adams ,   USMC  1998-07   jadamssgt4@gmail.com
Enlisted in Pittsburgh, PA - Reside in Pittsburgh, PA. I was Presidential recalled in o3 and finished my enlisted in the reserves for Operational Iraqi Freedom.
Monica ,   USMC  March 1989 - June 2006   Nurse21sunshine@yahoo.com
Gunnery Sergeant....proudly served, Desert Storm and Enduring Freedom! Semper Fidelis
Brandy McCoy ,   The baddest of them all MARINES!  2005-2013   Mccoybl3@gmail.com
Proud to have served with the fewer, the prouder. Smyrna, GA SEMPER FI!
RaeNell ,   USMC  1999-2003   raephnm12@gmail.com
State of enlistment: New Mexico. Currently reside in: New Mexico Shouldve stayed in, miss the Marine Corps.
Georgia (Fabina) Robinson ,   USMC  1979   Platos_Pal@yahoo.com
Enlisted in Pittsburgh, PA. and now living in Alabama. I should have stayed in; it's a females Marine Corps as well as a males Marine Corps. I still make 45's and don't walk on grass, tear up when I hear taps and have reveille on my phone alarm. Semper Fi Ladies of The Corps!
Liz Blake ,   USMC  Oct. 1980 to Jan. 1986, Reserve until 1991   lizkc56@gmail.com
Semper Fi, my fellow Marines. Glad to be part of the family.
Juniper Blanchard ,   USMC  1/96-1/00   Jumpin_jupe@yahoo.com
Semper Fi
Georgia Robinson ,   United States Marine Corps  1979   Platos_Pal@yahoo.com
Enlisted in Pittsburgh, PA. and now living in Alabama. I should have stayed in; it's a females Marine Corps as well as a males Marine Corps. I still make 45's and don't walk on grass, tear up when I hear taps and have reveille on my phone alarm. Semper Fi Ladies of The Corps!
Linda Kluewer ,   USMC  81 /84   l_kluewer@yahoo.com
Jennyvik Garcia ,   USMC  5/5/86-2/3/89   grandmadragon33@gmail.com
SEMPER FI all. Looking for all my Sisters from Plt 13A. Thank. You
Rose Talocci ,   USMC  2008-2014   Rosanne.talocci@gmail.com
Semper Fidelis!
Mary (Chillman) Kerke ,   USMCWR  World War II   kerke@juno.com
Corporal Mary Kerke (nee Chillman), age 91, has received her PCS orders to guard Heaven's streets on August 19, 2015. She enlisted with the Chicago Platoon in 1944 and completed recruit training at Camp Lejeune NC. She was assigned to Aviation Womens Reserve Squadron-21, Brown Field MCAS Quantico VA as an Aviation Machinist repairing the Corsair fighter, and later to Henderson Hall, Arlington VA where she was discharged in 1946 SEMPER FIDELIS Kepp 'em flying!
Jessica Mills ,   USMC  94-02   jessicamills0674@gmail.com
Sgt of Marines! Graduate boot camp in Nov 94. Stationed on Pendleton from 95-98. Then on Lejeune from 98-00. Final duty station was on Okinawa from 00-02. Miss all my brothers and sister who I served and I love the fact that I can meet new family every day. SEMPER FIDELIS Marines!!!!
Donna Lashley ,   USMC  1984   Donna.lashley@yahoo.com
One of the best times of my life!
Georgia (Fabina) Robinson ,   United States Marine Corps  1979   Platos_Pal@yahoo.com
Enlisted in Pittsburgh, PA. and now living in Alabama. I should have stayed in; it's a females Marine Corps as well as a males Marine Corps. I still make 45's and don't walk on grass, tear up when I hear taps and have reveille on my phone alarm. Semper Fi Ladies of The Corps!
Georgia Robinson ,   United States Marine Corps  1979   Platos_Pal@yahoo.com
Enlisted in Pittsburgh, PA and I now live in Alabama. I should have stayed in; it's a females Marine Corps as well as a males Marine Corps I still make 45's and don't walk on the grass. I tear up when I hear Taps and I have Reveille on my phone alarm. Semper Fi Ladies of The Corps!
PATRICIA DEAN ,   MARINE CORPS  Aug 99 to Aug 05   Pdean79@yahoo.com
Semper Fi!
Alison Porter ,   UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS  8/24/93   alusmc75@gmail.com
Hoping all goes well.
Myra Dixon Hrudicka ,   United States Marine Corps  1982 - 2002   myrahrudicka@yahoo.com
Best choice I ever made in my life......
MaryGrace Sellers ,   Marine Corps  Oct 76 - Mar 80   Mdpups@yahoo.com
So thankful for my time in and for the lifetime sisters I've had since boot camp. Semper Fi!
Joni cross ,   Usmc  1977 - 1982   Jonikcross@gmail.com
Great site will be back often
Kim Papciak ,   USMC  6/82-5/87   kmsauce@att.net
I was stationed at Camp Courtney in Okinawa and Parris Island and Beaufort Air Station in MACS-5.
cheryl johnson romo ,   USMC  July 28, 1980-July27, 1984   romo.cheryl21@gmail.com
Am one of 6 kids, but the Marine Corps helped me realize who I am as an individual, not who my family is.
Samantha Frames ,   USMC  20130318   Samantha.frames14@gmail.com
I love seeing all the different generations of women Marines!
Maxine Cardinal Wehry ,   USMCWR  Nov. 1943--Nov. 1945   mmwcard@gmail.com
Two of the best years of my life. From Indiana to Camp Lejeune, El Toro MCAS#7, Ewa, Oahu MCAS #14 to Henderson Hall, Va. for discharge. As a civilian beautician I never expected to be one in the Marine Corps, but I soon found out we were the only female services to have them on base. I was always sorry I didn't Free A Man To Fight. Approaching 93 years of age I am still enjoying life with the younger Fewer and Prouder as a member of WMA Chapter FL-2, St. Petersburg, FL area. Unable to attend Conventions I have my memories of those in the past. Carry on Marines!! Semper Fi to All!!!!
Sirrah Medeiros ,   USMC  Oct 85 - Jan 90   sirrahmed@yahoo.com
Oohrah Sisterhood! Any Plt 1A sisters in the house? Semper Fi.
Julie McFadden ,   USMC  1996-2000   Jweston825@gmail.com
Wished I stayed in longer but my pride and love carries on every day. Semper Fi~
Kelly Krile ,   USMC  2003-2015   kkrile@gmail.com
Just finished a successful and very enjoyable 12 year career.
MSgt Angel, Rose ,   USMC  1989-2009   Scarrum@earthlink.net
Blessed to be part of this sisterhood!
Emily ,   USMC  09/22/1994-10/01/1997   Caudill
I really am proud to be one of so many woman marines. Thank you for all the hard work you do to honor us all.
Alicia balen ,   USMC  05-07   Abalen0311@gmail.com
Happy armed forces day sisters!
The Korean War had just started, my Marine brother was severely wounded, decided to join the Corps to do my part. I worked on Broadway in NYC, the Recruiting Station was within walking distance, after work I went to enlist and never regretted it. Was stationed at Hdqtrs. USMC and met my career Marine husband who had just returned from Korea, fought at the Chosen Reservoir, we'll celebrate our 64th anniversary this week.....our daughter and son were both born on Nov. 10 a year apart.....We celebrate big time.
Kelly ,   Usmc  2009-2013   Gordon120@me.com
Ohhhh rah!!!!
Mary Ann Merritt ,   USMC  74 - 76   merrittone@comcast.net
Served Lejeune at Courthouse Bay then Albany GA. Joined Reserves MWSG 47 in 78.
Jamie Cody ,   USMC  2003- 2008   Codyjl@gmail.com
Your new updates are awesome. I love the page.
Mary Barrera ,   USMC  2002-present   Mbbarrera4@gmail.com
Hi. When does the maradmin come out about the convention?
Dina DeBoer ,   USMC  11-87 to 11-93   deboer.dina@yahoo.com
Semper Fidelis
Desiree Diaz-Gonzales ,   USMC  March 1996 - November 2003   Gonzales_dd@yahoo.com
Semper Fi
Liz Marroquin ,   USMC  May 1978-Oct 1987   lm4690@gmail.com
SGT- Always remember "We are the fewer and the prouder" ladies. Love the Corps!!
Jose Patino ,   USMC  1997-Present  
First Sergeant of Marines. My wife Annie and I joined the Corps together and went to boot camp on Nov 10, 1997. She got out after four but has missed it ever since. Semper Fi Ladies.
Gina (Shoestring) Loy ,   USMC  03/18/91 - 10/13/2000   sgtloyusmc@hotmail.com
Semper Fi!
Rhonda Alexander ,   USMC  1982 - 1994   rhonalex@att.net
Looking for Karen Michelle Haynes and Phyllis Williams. Hope that they see this.
Matilde Vences ,   Usmc  98-2003   mvences@hotmail.com
Looking for anyone that served in Okinawa Japan Camp Kinder from September 2002- July 2003. My name was Cpl Arnold back then.
Sandi Moran ,   USMC  25JUL88 - 28SEP92   clairmoran70@gmail.com
Want to find out about things the chapters do. How do I join a chapter and wma?
G. Susan Pope ,   US Marine Corps  1984-2008   susanpope@yahoo.com
Semper Fi
MSGT TONYA HENLEY-CLARK, (RET) ,   USMC  MAY 1987 - SEP 2008   tafui1@yahoo.com
Proud to have served! PIDI from 2000-2004, Oscar Company! Semper Fidelis!
Beverly Johnson Wilder ,   USMC  1963 - 65   wylreveb@aol.com
Platoon 10 A Parris, Island, SC love to hear from anyone who served at Quantico,VA enlisted from Philly
Amalia Torres ,   USMC  JUNE 1979 TO JULY 1982   amaliapensky@yahoo.com
TRYING HARD TO FIND MY PLATOON SISTERS 10B in 1979 I see records of previous 10b NOT MY PLATOON. APPARENTLY THERE WERE TWO YEARS WITH TWO DIFFERENT PLATOONS NAMED 10b I was in the 1979 Platoon. Need copy of Platoon Photo and yearbook. Help!!!! Sgt Siedman, Sgt Cook Drill Instructors
judi baxterdiobilda baxter ,   USMC  Jan 1969 to Dec 1970   jbaxter007@comcast.net
good memories
tami schmidt ,   usmc  1/11/83-1/15/86   brinnsmom@gmail.com
love the new website
Barbara Swan ,   USMC  1965 - 1967   Swanbh@aol.com
Proud to say I was a Marine. Many great memories from that period in my life.
Bernie (BerNiece Townsend/Adams) Klepac ,   USMC  Oct 1980 - Dec 1986   unicornsol@comcast.net
Semper Fidelis, Lady Leathernecks. Thankful for my time in the Corps and Wishing all an OUTSTANDING day today and all days!
Georgia (Fabina) Robinson ,   United States Marine Corps  1979   Platos_Pal@yahoo.com
Enlisted in Pittsburgh, PA. and now living in Alabama. I should have stayed in; it's a females Marine Corps as well as a males Marine Corps. I still make 45's and don't walk on grass, tear up when I hear taps and have reveille on my phone alarm. Semper Fi Ladies of The Corps!
Zara Tirrell ,   USMC  1986-1996   Ricknzara@earthlink.net
Love the new site!
Denella Brown ,   USMC  9/28/87 - 5/99   denellabrown@hotmail.com
I would love to reconnect to any of my sisters from PLt 4022 grad date Sept 28, 87. We are coming up on our 30 year mark.
Faith B ,   USMC  1975   faithbt@aol.com
Semper Fi
Elizabeth O'Connell Cutts ,   USMC  May 1995 - May 1999   booniesinvt@svcable.net
The Few The Proud...Women Marines!!
Lety Cano ,   USMC  1980-1984   leticia_cano2000@yahoo.com
Looking for my buddies anywhere, I was at Pendleton 80-84, Bootcamp platoon 18B.
Maria G. Santy ,   USMC  07/03/1979 to 07/31/2001   mariasanty@verizon.net
Not sure if I'm a member or not ,but would like to attend convention.
Santina Hunsberger ,   USMC  1979-1988   santinahunsberger@gmail.com
Nothing beats the bonds I made in the Corps. I served most of my time at Camp Pendleton with a tour in Okinawa. I am so honored to be one of the fewer and prouder. I recently took a trip to D.C. and visited the Woman in Military Service for America Memorial at Arlington Cemetary. It is a wonderful tribute. I would like to say to those who came before, and to those who will follow, Siemper Fi!
1st Lt. Robert Zerby ,   USMC  1970   doctorzerby@yahoo.com
I was a Platoon Commander with the 1st Marine Division, Vietnam, 1971. When I returned to the US, I was posted to Camp LeJeune MCB. Capt Jan Kimmer lived in the BOQ next to mine on Paradise Point. On Thanksgiving of 1972, she cooked the best Thanksgiving meal ever for all the Lieutenants who were duty officers that day. It was awesome ! Semper Fi, Robert Zerby ( 1st Lt in 1972 ) doctorzerby@yahoo.com
Linda Rennie (Whalen/Quinn) ,   USMC  1979-1985   WomanMarine@nycap.rr.com
Platoon 9B. Quantico and Yuma!
T. Hart ,   USMC  82-96   TnT57a@gmail.com
So nice to have found WMA and the technology to support our brothers/sisters.
Debra Spronz nee Key ,   USMC  1976-1980 and 1982-1986   spronzgirl@gmail.com
I served my first tour at MCAS El Toro, California and my second tour at MCB Camp Pendleton, California (lapse in time was because I followed my heart to Minnesota after my first tour just to get it broken). I loved every minute of my time as a WM. I made wonderful, wonderful friends and had the biggest adventures of my life. I am so proud to have served with such dedicated women. Thank you for your service. Semper Fi!
Julie Naillon ,   USMC, US Army  USMC 1991-1995, US Army 2001-2016   jmnaillon@yahoo.com
Shout out to Parris Island gals from PLT 4032, who earned the title on November 15, 1991.
Major Willaim T Maroney III ,   USMC  Jun 1960 to June 1988   billm2575@yahoo.com
I am looking for two Marines that I served with, Major Judith Sternburg and Col Diane Marsh. If anyone knows them and can forward my email address to them , I would appreciate it. Semper Fi Bill Maroney
Laura Williams (Stewart) ,   USMC  Dec 89-Feb 2009   runningfree2015@outlook.com
Looking forward to getting reconnected with more Marine Corps sisters. Duty stations include Camp Lejeune, Camp Courtney Okinawa, Camp Smith Hawaii, NAS Atlanta.
Deanna L. Luedtke ,   Army  6/2/1983-1/28/2005   DLL3149@yahoo.com
Looking for Phyliss Evans - Marine. I am the Commander of the Women Veterans of Freeborn County (MN). Some of our members have been wondering about her and would very much enjoy communicating if possible. Thank you in advance for any info.
Michelle Matwiejow ,   USMC  06/27/1978 - 06/26/1982   XMEJohns@aol.com
I completed boot camp in the hot summer of 1978, Parris Island, Plt 12B. We were "Lady Marines." I received orders to train at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, along with a set of "Gomer Pyle Style Sateen Utilities and boots." Hmmm.... My orders took me to Camp LeJeune, NC. I was the VERY FIRST WOMAN IN THE WEAPONS INSPECTION AND REPAIR SHOP in the United States Marine Corps... 1978. Memories galore! Does ANYONE remember bootcamp as a "lady Marine?" OMG, the rain bonnets, and rain boots? And why the heck can I not find ANY pics of those old summer seersucker uniforms??? Interesting how our era got LOST.
Female recruits began qualifying with the M16A2 service rifle at Parris Island in late 1985-early 1986. This is a huge milestone for female Marines, yet, I don't see it posted on the WMA milestone / history page. Why?
Chuck Anderson ,   USMC  1966-1999   chuckandersonnova@yahoo.com
Trying to locate LtCol Gloria Moyer. Served together but lost track. If anyone knows her, please send her my email. Semper Fidelis, Chuck
Connie Cooper ,   USMC  14 AUG 74 - 13 AUG 77   concoogal@yahoo.com
I send my appreciation and respect to the Women Marines who have fought, and continue to fight, for us. My time was spent with SOES at MCAS Cherry Point. I was the squadron's unit diary clerk and pay clerk, working in an upper level of a hangar where I had a fantastic view of the Blue Angels practicing for air shows, as well as training flights of the Harrier AV-8A. I met great people from all walks of life, and learned more than I could have imagined.
Luetta Versaw ,   USMC  1979-1989   luettaversaw@windstream.net
Sergeant. 1979 -1989 The thing I miss the most are the people that you meet and even after 30 years the friendships are still there. Traveled like a Gypsy with VMFP-3 Eltoro CA some of the best times. 86-89. Semper Fi
Elsa Fierro ,   USMC  May 1982 to Feb 1990   nonafierro@outloo.com
Semper Fi WM's. I was in Platoon 8B & my MOS was 2111 Armorer. I served in Okinawa from Dec 82 to Dec 83 at Camp Hansen with Ordnance Maintenance Co. I was then transferred to Camp Pendleton in Jan 84 for nearly 4 year at Ordnance Maintenance Co. I then was transferred to Marine Barracks 8th & I as the Post Armorer from 1988 to 1990. I currently live in Texas. Best time of my life.
Rosa M. (Snowden) Perkins ,   USMC and USMCR  10/16/68 - 10/17/79 and 06/24/72 - 6/25/78   daebun4@hotmail.com
The USMC best part of my life. Would do again.. While station at Camp Pendleton I took part in the USMC Women's Trick Drill Team... We bought several trophy's. Semper Fi Ladies
candace lewis ,   USMC  1973-2001   bayleemom17@gmail.com
Seems like a mere blink of an eye--and yet, the lessons I've taken from my Marine Corps career apply each and every day of my life. Semper fi--the Few the Remarkable Women Marines
mary l banks ,   USMC  February 1970-1978   banksml@verizon.net
Hello to my fellow Women Marines, of yesterday and today. Thank you all for your many contributions. Proud to be a MARINE!! Semper Fi
Laura Amsbury (Cuthbert/Negron) ,   USMC  May 1987 - Aug 2003   1WMDevilDog@email.phoenix.edu
Semper Fidelis, Ladies! Just became a lifer......
Esther J Sherrod ,   USMC  August 1966 to August 1969   thehealthevangelist@gmail.com
Gunnery Sergeant Flame Holley - Cleveland ,   USMC  June 1995 - June 2015   clevelandfn1@gmail.com
Served: 0151 administrator 1995-2001 6046 aviation maintenance administrator 2002 - 2005 8511 drill instructor 2005 - 2008 8412 SNCO academy instructor 2009 - 2011 6046 aviation maintenance administrator 2012 - 2013 8014 Squadron Gunnery Sergeant 2013 - 2015 Stationed: Okinawa Japan 1995 -1997, 2000 -2005, 2008 - 2012 Pensacola Florida 1997-1998 MCAS New River 1999 -2000, 2012 -2015 Paris Island SC 2005 - 2008
Adele Hodges ,   USMC  Jun 78- Sept 11   hodgesadele@yahoo.com
Mustanger, Commissioned in Dec 80 (don't do the math; I am still 25). I received my EGA heart tattoo and haven't been the same since. The Marine Corps wasn't a job, it was a way of life that gave me the opportunity to live, work, and hangout with some of the most wonderful people in the world; Marines (and Sailors). Oorah!
Michael Hughes, USAF 1977-1980 ,       hesmichael@hotmail.com
Here to honor my mom, Mary Jane Webb, USMC 1954-1958, from Edgecomb, ME. She did basic training at Parris Island, then was stationed at USMC San Francisco. She was propud to have been a Marine, as was my dad, and we are proud of her!
CarolAnn Eppens ,   Marine Corps  60's   ceppens@masoncityschools.org
My mother Mary Caroline (Bohan)Ingram was a member of the Woman Marines Association. Although she only served a short time before was honorably discharged due to her pregnancy with me, it changed her life. In those days, women could not stay enlisted, she was very proud of her country and remained in contact with her Marine Sisters. She enjoyed every convention she attended. I wish I knew how to reach all of those who knew her to let them know that she passed away on January 12th. Please pass on the word to those who knew her. Thanks to all of you for your service & Semper Fi . CarolAnn Eppens
Dana Brinkerhoff ,       brinkerdana@outlook.com
In memory of my mother. Lt. Helen (Dale) Peters. Control tower operator at Parris Island. Would be interested in hearing from anyone who served with her. She was proud to be among the first to enlist during WWII.
Jennifer (Spalding) Lenz ,   USMC  1975-1978, 1988-1993   jennilenz@cox.net
Semper Fi! Began training 9-29-75 and graduated 11-24-75 Plt 9. Ended my career in Charleston SC I-I Staff CoC, 4th Landing Support Bn, 4th FSSG, 4th MarDiv. I still miss the time even after all these years.
Mary Marlene ,   U.S.M.C.  61-64   ddragonlady128@gmail.com
I need some help as im geting ready to looseing my left leg...im at the st.louis.Mo. V.A..please help me.......my phone no. Is 5737058478......my service no....w714198...Semper Fi. .
Margaret L. Pheatt, PFC (Deceased) ,   USMC  1942-1945   AFRETE793@yahoo.com
My mother served at Hq USMC during World War II and passed away in 1974. I am trying t find a photo of her if possible. The email above is mine. Thank you, Merrill A. Vaughan, MSgt, USAF (Ret)
Alvinice Muhammad (Wesley) ,   USMC  1979-1991   alvinicem1@gmail.com
Semper Fi MY Sisters and Fellow DevilGals... Proud to have served in the best branch of service - OORah..and will continue to support my Sisters still active and former.
Sandra Smith ,    1982-1997   briopraxis@yahoo.com
The hardest part about being a Marine is being a Woman Marine. But I am who I am because of the Corps and I'll never regret it. As Elisha said, "Proud to be part of the fewer, the prouder..." Semper Fi