Service Programs


WMA Veterans Affairs Volunteer Service

The purpose of the WMA VAVS Program:

1. To encourage volunteer participation by WMA members in support of the veteran communities found at the Regional Veterans Administration and other medical facilities.
2. To provide a record of volunteer hours at Regional VA medical facilities by WMA Chapters and individuals as part of our participation in the Dept of Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service Organizations Advisory Committee.
3. To provide a record of WMA member’s contributions in support of the Women Marines Association’s stated purposes.


WMA would like to recognize its VA Volunteers

WMA National records all hours that are worked at the various VA hospitals and clinics. All chapters and members at large should submit complete information to the VAVS National Representative to assure that all hours are properly logged for each working member.

WMA Emergency Funds Grant

WMA has established an Emergency Fund for Veterans who have short-term emergency financial needs, such as skills training, loss of support, severe illness, and catastrophic accidents. It is a one time per person grant, limited to no more than One Thousand Dollars ($1,000).

Application for the grant must be made by a detailed letter from the applicant to the Chairman, Matching Funds and Grants Committee explaining the financial need with a request for a specific dollar amount. Two letters are required with the Applicant’s letter. The first letter must be from a reliable source (e.g. pastor, social worker, doctor, bank official, Chapter officer, etc.) The second letter must be from a Veterans Service Officer or a Women Veterans Coordinator. Supporting documentation MUST accompany the applicant’s letter along with a copy of their DD214 or other appropriate discharge papers. The Matching Funds and Grants Committee may request additional supporting documentation if deemed necessary.

For More information on this process please start your contact with the Funds Chairperson Emergency Funds MFG@WOMENMARINES.ORG

Matching Funds for WMA Chapters

These are funds that WMA National has set aside to augment chapters’ efforts in their benevolent endeavors. They are not a reimbursement. Talk to your Area Director for more information on this program.

Matching funds of up to $250 each year are requested by the chapter. Each chapter should have a copy of the form located in the "Chapter How To" manual. Letters are not acceptable, the form must be used. If the chapter is providing direct service to veterans, such as giving a party for them or making them comfortable in some way, it should send proof of having raised the necessary funds, possibly through receipts. Then the WMA will reimburse the chapter for not more than $250.

Implementation of Funds

There are two categories for the disbursement of funds:

1. ONE TIME PROJECTS—if a chapter wishes to fund a project at a VA Medical Center (Christmas party, purchase of beauty shop supplies, etc) or equipment, the Matching Fund’s check will be made out to the Medical Center or supplier. A copy of the chapter check should accompany the application.

2. ONGOING PROJECTS—if a chapter wishes to buy supplies for a VA Medical Center (i.e. refreshments, bingo prizes, canteen coupons, arts and crafts materials, etc.), the Matching Funds check will be made out to the chapter. Receipts of purchase must accompany the application and must be submitted before the fiscal year ending 30 June.

Please contact your Area Director or the Matching Funds Committee Char at