A Bond
that Bridges Generations

It is an honor to become a Marine, and it requires an exceptional woman Marine to take on and lead this challenge. That experience unites us for life and inspires us to work hard to leave our mark on the world. WMA works tirelessly to support military personnel, veterans, and our communities through a nationwide, chapter-based organization of women Marines.

About Our Organization

Join Us in Making a Difference

Our service continues. Be a part of our ongoing mission to support active Marine Corps women, those returning to civilian life, and military veterans. Join us and be a part of improving your community and those who served.

Women marine painting side of building


Our mission is to make the world a better place. Learn more about how WMA improves the lives of active and retired women Marines and how our chapters enrich the communities in which they live. Our service to others never rests.

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Across the country, Women Marines chapters engage active and retired Marines in their communities. These local chapters offer support and guidance. Get involved in our efforts to honor and support those who serve.

Keep Our Mission
In Motion

For those who haven’t served, you can honor family or friends by donating. Your support helps WMA improve life for our fellow Marines and veterans through programs like our WMA Emergency Funds Grant, which provides emergency support for any Veteran facing hardship.

Upcoming Events

Our service brought us together, and our ongoing chapter and national events keep our bonds strong. Find WMA Events near you.


Chapter Meeting

WMA CA-3 Greater San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Meeting

2024-07-21 @ 11:30 AM – 2024-07-21 @ 01:30 PM
14900 E 14th St, San Leandro, CA 94578
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WMA CA-3 Greater San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Meeting

2024-08-18 @ 11:30 AM – 2024-08-18 @ 02:30 PM
Bonnie’s home, 46844 Crawford Street, Fremont CA
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