The WMA Scholarship program was approved and adopted in 1962 at the Cleveland Convention and has expanded through the generosity of donors and investment interests. Awarded scholarships can range from $500 to $5000 and varies based on the number of applicants and funds available. The goal is to support qualified applicants with the opportunity to attend an accredited college, university, or college-level trade school to pursue career aspirations and eliminate financial barriers to achieving success.

There are 9 current WMA scholarships and applicants must satisfy defined criteria, complete the application within the appropriate time frame (February 1 through March 31) to be considered. The WMA Scholarship committee will review submissions to select final candidates to be awarded funding.


The WMA Scholarship committee administers a variety of awards and the total number of scholarships granted is determined by the annual earnings from the investments (available funds) and the specific scholarship requirements. All submissions completed within the application period by qualified applicants get reviewed for consideration.

  • Application Period is 1 February – 31 March
  • Applications that are postmarked after 31 March will not be considered
  • Eligibility: All scholarship applicants must be sponsored by a WMA member in good standing (apart from Marine Corps JROTC cadets and Young Marines who have a special eligibility requirement as stated Proof of Military Service) and satisfy one of the identified criteria outlined in WMA Scholarship Procedures
  • Applications must be submitted each year; they are not reoccurring.
  • Agnes Sopcak Memorial Scholarship/s: up to $5000
  • Ethyl and Armin Wiebke Memorial Scholarship (1): $1500
  • Fallen Warrior Scholarship (1): $1500
  • LRue A. Ditmore Music Scholarship/s: up to $5000
  • Lily H. Gridley Memorial Scholarship (1): $1500
  • Major Meghan McClung Memorial Scholarship (1) $1500
  • Margaret Apel (1): Sponsored by the OR-Chapter $1500
  • Virginia Guveyan Memorial Scholarship (1): $1500
  • WMA Memorial Scholarship/s: up to $5000

1. Applicant must have served, or currently serving in the United States Marine Corps or Reserve;

2. Be a direct descendant by blood, legal adoption, or stepchild of a Marine on active duty, or who has served honorably in the United States Marine Corps, Regular or Reserve;

3. Be a sibling or a descendant of a sibling by blood, legal adoption, or stepchild of a Marine on active duty, or who has served honorably in the United States Marine Corps, Regular or Reserve, OR;

4. Be a spouse of a Marine, OR;

5. Have completed two years in a Marine Corps JROTC program or Young Marines AND

6. All applicants must be sponsored by a WMA member.


Learn about available scholarships, procedures, eligibility and how to submit your application



For additional questions, contact: scholarship@womenmarines.org

I appreciate the opportunity for this scholarship! The monies have significantly reduced my cost of tuition, which has allowed me to focus my energy into professionally developing myself and towards my coursework. I have also been able to take on more philanthropic pursuits allowing me to give back to my college campus and greater community.

Student at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

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