70th Anniversary of the Marine Corps Women Reserve

February 13, 2013

It is a wonderful time to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the establishment of the Marine Corps Women’s Reserve.  The Women Marines Association is very fortunate to still have some of the pioneers who led the way for us.  Their journeys are priceless and they are WMA treasures.  Those of us who followed in their footsteps should reach out and thank them for their outstanding contribution to our history.  At a time when it was very rare for women to work outside of the home, they stepped forward, learned whatever skills the

Marine Corps needed and performed in true Marine Corps fashion by learning to adapt, improvise and overcome.  It is such a rare gift that we still have these members who have been with us for the entire 70 year history of women in the Marine Corps.  They have great stories to share…and we must listen.
One of the many things that amaze me the most about the current generation of Women Marines is that they never complain about any of the hardships involved in being in a combat zone, living in less than wonderful conditions, living on MRE’s, enduring extreme heat, etc.  They just treat such assignments like it is any other duty station.  What incredibly strong character these young women possess.

        When I reflect over the entire 70 year history of our women, each generation has stepped up, performed beyond expectations, expanded the role of women in the Marine Corps and increased our value to the organization.  We should all be very proud to call ourselves Marines.

Semper Fidelis,


Betty Moseley Brown

WMA National President