All In the Family

Generations of Military Service

Families carry strong traditions from generation to generation. It may be how they celebrate a holiday. It can be traditional foods from the countries of parents and before. Many celebrate generations of military service. We feature for you here some of those generations with our female Marine families..

From:Cheryl June Auth Hyde

The top two are my grandpa’s, Randy and Philip are my Uncles, Robert is my Dad, and Timothy is my younger brother.

From Linda Sutton:

My Maternal 2 Great Grandfather, Civil War – Army; My Maternal Grandfather (on right), WWI – Army; my Dad – Air Force, Retired; myself – Marine Corps; my three brothers – Army, Navy, and Air Force; my Son – Army National Guard, Retired; My Son-in-Law – Navy, Retired; my Grandson – Navy; my Nephew – Marine Corps & Army; my Grand Nephew, Afghanistan – Marine Corps; my Niece – Army National Guard. I have ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War and every war since. And the younger generation keeps joining just don’t have pictures of all of them.

From Babette Henry

My grandfather’s, my uncle’s and my parents are pictured here. I can document our family services in every conflict and more back to my gggg grandfather John Shepard who served with Washington in the French and Indian war and the American Revolution he died at 118.

From: Pam Cerkez Biedenbender My Dad , my sister and BiL, their daughter, my brother, me, my husband. 5 Air Force, 2 Marines

From Leanna Kingsbury

As far as I know, I’m the the only female to serve. I was in 1998-2002. My Uncle Steve and Uncle Kerry were both Army during the Vietnam Era, but were stationed in Germany. My brother Jesse was Army reserves and did a tour in Iraq before a medical discharge. I also have an Uncle and grandfather who were Navy. My Cousins,
James (Jim) Jaggers, Marine
Robert (Bob) Jaggers, Marine
Bud Jaggers, Navy
All three were in Vietnam at the same time. They are brothers.

My Cousins
William (Billy) Maxey, Navy.
Buck Weaver, Army.
Not sure of time of service.

From Vicki Jenks

From: Mary Kathleen Adams Broussard

WWII Dad, Vietnam Era Me, WWI Grandpa

From Kimberly McDonough

From Sherri Sterling Homme

Our family … Raymond Stirling-1978, our daughter Shannon Stirling-2003, and me … Sherri Russell 1982

From Judy Anfuso

My parents: Ralph Western (WWII Coast Guard, Korea Air Force), Mary McGeough Western (Marines WWII), Brothers: Richard Western (US Army KIA Vietnam), LtCol Bill Western (US Marines Retired), SSgt Dale Western (US Marines Retired), Sister Cathy Western Koll (US Navy), Brother LtCol Tom Western (US Marines Retired), Myself Capt. Judy Western Anfuso, my twin brothers LtCol Jim Western (US Marines Retired), Col Chuck Western (US Marines, retiring July 2020), Nephew Ken Western (US Army).

From Jenn Moffitt

This is the only one I have with her in uniform. My grandmother was a WAVES USN SK2 during WWII. My grandfather was a GM2 USN during WWII then switched to USAF after war, retiring as a command pilot Major. My greatuncle was USMCR Corporal during WWII. My grandmother’s cousin’s husband retired as a First Sergeant from USA. My father served as a medic during Vietnam as a Specialist. Last I served in USMCR, got out a Sgt.

My grandmother, WAVES veteran, and I at PI on family day before graduation from recruit training.

From Lori Ann Mohr

My Grandfather,uncle,dad and myself