An (unofficial) Recommended Reading List for Women Marine History During Women’s History Month


Did you know that the Commandant of the Marine Corps has a recommended reading list for Marines? So does the First Lady of the Marine Corps (for military wives)? So does the Naval Institute?  Well, I got to thinking. Why not compile a recommended reading list for us Women Marine?  and what better month to propose such a venture than March,  which is designated as Women’s History Month!

Are you looking to start or expand your military history library on an amateur or professional level? Or are you simply desirous of studying our unique history for your own pleasure? Well, look no further! I have compiled a list to help you get off to a good start.

Here is a very nice plethora of books I’ve found over the past year. They are all about Women Marine history ranging from the mythical (?) “Lucy Brewer” to Women Warriors of the present day. Some of the books are academia quality history books. Others are heartfelt written memoirs. All are informative and enjoyable reads. I’ve elected not to write reviews of any of the books here. I’ll leave it up to you to seek the books out, read them and form your own opinions.

Some of these books are available for reading online. Other books may be out of print. If you prefer hard copies, they can also be obtained through various online booksellers such or through eBay. The Marine Corps History Division may also has a limited number of books available. They can be viewed online at the history division website or purchased through the government printing office.

You may be able to find titles at your local library by looking them up on the World Cat Library Catalogue

Caveat: this is not an “official” WMA sponsored list. Also, there will be no tests afterward (or degrees conferred lol). It’s just a way to encourage you to read up on our history, learn more and celebrate Women’s History Month.

This is not an exhaustive list. If you know of books on this topic that you feel are worthy of reading, please do share your thoughts in the comments section.

and now…The List….

A good general overview covering all eras of of Woman Marine history may be found in this book. It comes with a DVD:

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 We Are Marines by Linda Cates Lacey.

There are a number of publications that focus on specific eras in our history.

Pre-WWI era:



The Female Marine, or The Adventures of Lucy Brewer  by Lucy Brewer West (1815) The series was actually written by Nathaniel Coverly and printed by Nathaniel Hill Wright.



Women Marines in World War I by Captain Linda L. Hewitt, USMCR (1974)




A Few Good Women: Memoirs of a World War II Marine by Inga Fredericksen Ferris

FREE A MARINE TO FIGHT: Women Marines in World War II
by Colonel Mary V Stremlow, USMCR (Ret)



Women Marines: The World War II Era by Petra A Soderbergh




Women Marine: A Memoir of a Woman Who Joined the US Marine Corps in World War II to Free a Marine To Fight by Theresa Yianilos



A Kindred Spirit by Maxine Cardinal Wehry

Korea/Vietnam Era (1950-1977)


Women Marines in The Korean War Era by Petra A Soderbergh




A History Of The Women Marines, 1946-1977 by Colonel Mary V Stremlow USMCR (Ret)



Women Marines in the 1980s by USMC Division of Public Affairs. This title may be accessed online at


Eyes Right: Confessions from a Woman Marine by Tracy Crow.

Desert Storm to the Present:


The Few The Proud: Women Marines in Harm’s Way by Sarah Sheldon


Parris Island: A Woman’s Memoir Of Marine Corps Boot Camp by Lisa Cordiero




Hesitations Kills: A Female Marine Officer’s Combat Experience in Iraq by Jane Blair

Of  course, there’s no one closer to the forefront of the topic of our history than our very own group, the  Women Marines Association.  In fact our primary mission is  “To preserve and promote the history and traditions of women in the Marine Corps from World War I to the present”

We recommend you check out The column “Did You Know That?” By WMA historian Nancy Wilt in the WMA ‘Nouncements.  It  is a treasure trove of information  re: our history.   There are also two books published by the Women Marines Association


Women Marines Assn – Vol I by Pamela Wood and Turner Publishing 



Women Marines Assn – Vol II – Pictorial by Mary Bacon Hale and Turner Publishing

The following books aren’t strictly about Women Marines history, but they may still be interesting and useful to readers.

Especially for children/students:



Women of the US Marine Corps: Breaking Barriers by Heather E Schwartz


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My Mommy is a Marine by Alia Reese.

Vocational Guidance/Career Planning:


What Every Woman Should Know before Joining The Marine Corps by AJ Cabrera




Leading from the Front: No-Excuse Leadership Tactics for Women by Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch