Loyal Escorts of the Green Garter

Loyal Escorts of the Green Garter (LE's), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is the auxiliary of the Women Marines Association. The purpose of the Loyal Escorts of the Green Garter is to assist the Women Marines Association and to perform educational and charitable works within their communities. Since 1972 they have supported WMA in reaching its national goals in many ways. They contribute an annual scholarship to further the educational goal; they sponsor and present awards to chapters for noteworthy accomplishments at each convention, thereby promoting the seven purposes as spelled out in the WMA Bylaws. Members are pledged to "aid, assist and escort WMA members in the performance of their duties as delegates to the Women Marines Association convention and other WMA functions". The Loyal Escorts of the Green Garter meet biennially in conjunction with the WMA national convention at the place designated as the WMA convention site. Members attending the convention register as "Loyal Escorts of the Green Garter delegates", by presenting a current membership card as credentials which allows them to participate in the general meetings at which all society business is transacted.

On local levels

The Loyal Escorts work along with WMA members on charitable chapter activities and within their communities.


For $30.00 for 2 years, you can become a Loyal Escort with sponsorship by a WMA member. Life membership is limited to those whose sponsor is also a life member of WMA, and is pro-rated by age.

To become a member

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A Brief History of the Loyal Escorts of the Green Garter By Walt Powers, PhD

There are numerous accounts of the origin of the Most Noble Order of the Garter. The most picturesque history of its founding occurred in 1348 by King Edward III when a Lady of the Court lost one of her garters. While bending down to pick it up, she blushed while the crowd laughed. King Edward tied the green garter on his own leg and remarked, “I shall turn it into the most honored garter ever worn.” Another account quotes him as saying, in French, “Shame be he that thinks evil of it.” Chivalry includes a combination of courage, honor, courtesy, justice, and a readiness to help.

The Order became a noble fraternity into which knighthood was bestowed upon those admitted. Over the years they were given the right to add “Sir” before their Christian names. Each member is given a banner that hung in the Chapel at Windsor Castle’s Order of the Garter during their life and removed upon their death. In 1805, the Order was extended to include lineal descendants. Earlier, ladies were received as “honorary members” but this practice died out until Edward VII established a title “Lady of the Garter”. On 23rd year on St. George’s Day, during the ceremonies, members wear elaborate robes and gold medallions. In 1990, the Order again admitted women with the Duchess of Norfolk as Ladie’s Companion.

The Women’s Marine Association, “Loyal Escorts of the Green Garter”, had its beginning at the Hawaii convention in 1972. Twenty-four men who accompanied their wives started a social group to support WMA. Two years later at the Texas convention, they admitted friends and relatives as Leggettes. Later, they dropped the title Leggettes and all became LEGGS (Loyal Escorts of the Green Garter). In 1982 at the Arizona Convention, WMA incorporated as a veteran’s group, at which time LEGGS ceased as a social group and became a veteran’s auxiliary. In 2006, the acronym LEGGS was dropped in favor of its original name, or Loyal Escorts for short. In 2009 the Loyal Escorts became a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


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Immediate Past President  Michael E Pearce
Vice President Cheryl Roberts
Secretary Alec Cousino
Treasurer David Mercure


Richard Greutzner
Donald Johnson


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