Barbara Hoadley

USMC Enlisted in 1950

Greetings from Clovis, CA.

My name is Barbara Hoadley and I am a proud WMA Life Member #379. I recently attended the WMA Convention in Las Vegas and have also attended conventions in Buena Park, Minnesota, and Charleston as well as the Memorial Dedication in October 1997. These events have given me the opportunity to renew fond memories of friends (then and now) who live in our hearts forever, including June Dempsey, Frances Hill (partner of 28 years), Mary Spall, and Sandra Detwiler among others.

I, along with a school friend Nancy Bayman, signed with the USMC in Columbus, Ohio (my hometown) in September of 1950. I told my Dad when I graduated from high school that I wanted to join the Navy. He said “NO WAY”! So I worked for Ohio Bell until I turned 21 and joined the USMC at that time, then on my way to boot camp at Parris Island, S.C. and was lucky to be one of Sgt. Andler’s Angels, Platoon 3A. I was sent to El Toro (MCAS) and my first train ride, only to find the women’s barracks un-livable, having been closed since WWII. Under the amazing leadership of Nita Bob Warner and a lot of hard work (cleaning), we accomplished our task! Nita Bob Warner was a friend, and coach for our sports teams and a role model for all who were fortunate to have known her. Great times were had on the base. Our jobs, (MOS’S) , were mess duty, ceremonies and parades as well as participating in sports, including trips to other bases by car, bus, plane, etc. After serving at El Toro and San Francisco, I was discharged in 1953 as Staff Sgt. Teletype Operator. I moved to Los Angeles and joined the reserves (USMCR) and was last discharged in 1964 as Tech. Sgt. Teletype Operator. After that, I worked for Howard Hughes (Western Union) in Culver City for four years and then went to college and became an elementary teacher in Los Angeles for 14 years and then for 19 years in Fresno. I retired from teaching in September of 2015.
If I may quote a golfing friend… “The Good Lord willin’ and the creek dont rise”I
may see you in Georgia.

Siempre Fi