Confessions of a WMA Convention First Timer

After four years of being a Women Marines Association member, I’m finally going to my first Convention. I’m excited and nervous, not really knowing what to expect.

The biennial Convention this year is being held in Denver and this year we’re celebrating WMA’s 50th Anniversary. The five day agenda is jam-packed with workshops, meetings, banquets, and an awesome history display that I’m really excited to see.

I got out of the Marine Corps 30 years ago. Compared to my measly 4 years of service during the Cold War, I’m humbled and in awe of the women serving now. It’s a different world today.

Hopefully I’ll connect with Marines I served with…if I can remember who they are. If my memory fails or they don’t show up, I know I’ll have a great time just being in the presence of fellow Marine sisters!