Daily Struggles

The Faith to go on.

By Sue Kaszynski

I have tried writing this blog a few times but it never seemed “right”. It was almost as if I was forcing it. Previously the words just flowed. I have always said the Holy Spirit was guiding me as it was divine words not mine.

A Year of FHE: Don't Worry, It Will All Work Out.

Tonight seems right. I have really been struggling the last few weeks. It has taken me until today to realize just how bad I have struggled. I have felt the physical pain and limitations more but it didn’t really
“register “. Until tonight when I had difficulty just getting up from the couch. It hit me, how much longer will I be able to use the couch? Will I need to do the lift chair? ( I really don’t want to stay in the chair all the time; that is my give my body a break chair: I don’t want to rely on it all the time). Or do we modify the couch and make it higher ( which will make it difficult when we want to use the pull out bed). It is these seemingly random small things that all of a sudden aren’t so small of a issue.


The main reason I hadn’t clued in on how significantly I have worsened is because I am still doing. I am still cooking and cleaning and laundry. I am still doing volunteer work. My sense of humor is still intact . My perspective is in place. I am utilizing my support system. But most
importantly I have my Faith. I have realized for me at least if all is right with my soul then all is right with me . I am at peace.

Again this is not to shove my belief system down anyone’s throat but just to share what works for me. Live by example. I have no other explanation as to why I am not angry or resentful or sad other than my Faith.

Next blog I will talk about why I believe. ( And yes I will forewarn you I will sound like a crazy person but I’m not). And I encourage everyone to read it even if you don’t believe in God. You will get a sense as to who I am and why I am.

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Sue is a licensed therapist. Marine Veteran and Freelance writer for this blog. She has Dysautonomia, Ehlers and a number of other autoimmune disorders. She writes about her life, her struggles and most of all her fight to stay positive and never give up. She gives of her time freely despite various health issues to help veterans and anyone in need. This is her 6th blog.