Do Better, Not Do-Over

I – Angie –am like many people out there. My 2021 personal goals aren’t that different than last year’s. My hope is that the concerts I wanted to attend will get rescheduled, the road races I had planned to run will happen, and the trips I had scheduled I can actually take. 

On the surface, it can seem like my 2021 is just one big “Do-Over.” Sort of like a mulligan in golf. Yet, I don’t like the “Do-Over” metaphor, as it implies that my 2020 didn’t matter … it didn’t count.

My 2020, like yours, was a huge, massive year of challenge and change. I had the highest of highs, the lowest of lows, and far too many expectations that weren’t fulfilled. While there are many experiences I hope I never have to go through again, I don’t want to forget or erase them. They’re part of my life; they matter because they made me wiser, more resilient, stronger, and they also made me value and appreciate the littlest things in life in ways I never could’ve imagined.

In many ways, I’m a better person because of these experiences. So, rather than a do-over, I want 2021 to be a year of doing better.

Better to me means:

  • Using the knowledge I’ve gained to make better decisions about how I spend my time
  • Being clear on my values and making sure they’re represented in my life more fully
  • Building a stronger mind, body, soul connection – I appreciate more than ever how these three elements help me endure whatever life throws at me
  • Committing to being a better service-based leader – I miss engaging in my community in the ways I once did pre-COVID  

My hope for you is that as you start this New Year you honor whatever journey has taken you to this point in time. Don’t gloss over your struggles; respect them for the lessons you learned from them and use the strength you’ve acquired to be better as a result. 

Here’s to a better 2021 – may this New Year be the year where you continue your leadership development and, as you get better, others around you will be positively influenced by your example. We’re with you,
Angie and Courtney

Angie and Courtney are Marine Corps-made leaders who’ve demonstrated crisis leadership in the most demanding environments. They are the New York Times Best-Selling authors of SPARK and Leading from the Front. Through Lead Star, they advise leaders at the highest levels of business and government on leadership strategies, and coach managers and executives on how to lead their teams. Connect with Angie and Courtney on LinkedIn to receive ongoing leadership guidance.

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