Elizabeth Redfern Newberg USMCWR

Mrs Newburg is celebrating her 100th birthday and her family is requesting cards. Please join the Women Marines Association in wishing her a VERY happy 100th Birthday and thank her for her service.

Elizabeth Redfern was born in Titus County shortly after the First World War. The family later moved to Marshall, where she attended and graduated from Marshall High School. When the USA engaged in the Second World War, Elizabeth saw an advertisement that encouraged women to enlist that read “Free a Man to Fight.” She later related, “it was pure patriotism. We were at war; it was the right thing to do.”

This young lady from rural East Texas, never having travelled much, joined the USMC Women’s Reserve in 1943 and was sent to Hunter College in the Bronx, NY as a member of ( we think) the first class of USMC Women’s Reserve. Upon completion of boot camp, she was assigned to Headquarters Battalion Office of the Pacific in San Francisco for the duration of the war. Mom mustered out with the rank of Sergeant.

After the war, Elizabeth returned home and picked up her life in Marshall. She married, raised five children, and has been an active and productive citizen for over six decades. Mom is very proud of her service to her country. She flies a US flag on the front porch and has for over 50 years. Every Memorial Day she weeps for the young men that died on some distant beach because she took his job and served her country. She still snaps to attention when she hears the Marine Corps Hymn.

I think she is more proud of her Marine Corps service than she is of her five children. We would appreciate anything the Corps could do to help us honor her. Gold bless you and thank you for your help and service.

Semper Fi!

GW Newburg

Cards can be sent to:

Elizabeth Redfern Newberg

c/o G.W. Newberg

PO Box 7

Plantersville, Tx 77363.