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By Gunnery Sgt. Katesha Washington, 2nd Marine Logistics Group

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Sgt. Tanell Nedd is one of the busiest noncommissioned officers working in the 2nd Marine Logistics Group these days. While she directs and mentors her platoon of young Marines, she is also preparing them for a grueling future deployment to Afghanistan.

Nedd, a tactical switch operator with Combat Logistics Battalion 2, 2nd MLG, is the platoon sergeant for the S-6 communications shop. On the surface, she looks like the average hotshot platoon sergeant; slim physical appearance, confident and sharply clad in her camouflage uniform.

It is Nedd’s tenacity and dependability to take care of her Marines though, that gives her staff noncommissioned officer in charge such a good impression of her; he says she is among the cream of the crop in the battalion.

“Sgt. Nedd is the best NCO in the platoon. When dealing with the same rank it can be difficult for some leaders to give orders, guidance and direction to their peers,” said Staff Sgt. Steven Gabrielson, SNCOIC of S-6 . “Sgt. Nedd does not have this problem. She is looked up to and respected by all ranks under her charge.”

The 21-year-old sergeant did not have an easy road on her journey to becoming a standout NCO. During the first four years of her career, she says her morale was very low and she was looking forward to leaving the Corps as soon as her contract was complete.

“I was having a rough time during my first enlistment. I wasn’t being challenged, and I didn’t feel my job was important to the mission,” she said.

But the guidance and mentorship of a special leader during Nedd’s deployment to Camp Al Taqaddum, Iraq, in 2006 completely changed her attitude and her life. Read more

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