Molly Marine Hite

The city of New Orleans dedicated the first United States monument of a woman in service uniform: “Molly Marine” on 10Nov, 1943. A local recruiter commissioned the statue to help recruit women during World War II. For female Marines around the world, Molly has come to represent the countless significant contributions women have made to the Corps. She proudly stands for endurance, the book she holds records our history, the binoculars allow her to see into the future and she looks up steadfast facing all that comes her way. Molly has become a symbol of Esprit de Corps for all women Marines. Before graduation from boot camp, the recruits are asked to name one fellow recruit within their platoon who best exemplifies being a Marine. Here, we celebrate our newest Marines.


PFC Haleigh C. Hite

O Co, PLT 4015

7 May 2014


PFC Haleigh C. Hite,  Plt 4015, Edwardsburgh, MI
PFC Haleigh C. Hite, Plt 4015, Edwardsburgh, MI

United States Marine: a title earned by shedding sweat and tears inorder to become the best possible version of oneself. A Molly Marine is a Marine that excels in what she does and tries to exceed all expectations.   As recruits, the closer we are to becoming Marines, we have a better understanding of the Marine Corps’ core values: Honor, Courage and Commitment. Earning the title of Molly Marine does not make you perfect; it shows that you have embodied the core values that will make you a Marine.

Honor, Courage, Commitment: the Core Values that are instilled in us and become part of our character. The Molly Marine embraces these traits which have become part of her character and values. The Molly Marine does not look to be praised for her actions. She simply takes joy in doing the right thing. She takes the initiative to get things done; to help her sisters. She gets self-fulfillment solely from helping others. She pushes herself past her mental and physical breaking point in hope that she will motivate her sisters. She has her flaws and moments of weakness; there are times when she is at war with herself and knows to let her sisters in. She can be vulnerable, and her humbleness allows her to seek help creating a stronger bond amongst sisters. She is not afraid to show she is not perfect and that earns the respect of her sisters allowing them to work better as team.

When a person envisions a Molly Marine, they see a courageous, strong, and unselfish individual. I consider myself courageous because I am constantly searching for ways to better myself even if it requires encountering tough situations. I never give up and I do not allow my sisters to give up. I try my best to motivate them and remind them why they are here. A Molly Marine is willing to put her fellow sisters first. She understands that she is a microscopic part of the big picture. She does not hesitate to help those who need help.

I feel as if being a United States Marine is my sole purpose in life. I push myself past my limits and in doing so I hope to motivate those around me. I strive to become the best Marine possible and help my sisters do the same so that we can all call ourselves a Molly Marine.