Latest Molly Marines

Here is our latest installment of Molly Marines who graduated boot camp at Parris Island July 2, 2010.

PFC Ashley McDonald, Platoon 4020, O Company, Monmouth, ME
“Growing up I had always believed that every citizen who loves this country should give back to it in some way. My way is to serve in the military and I chose to serve in the Marine Corps for the challenge, discipline, to become part of something bigger than myself, and ultimately to be among the best this nation has to offer. However, above all else, I was drawn to the Marine Corps because of its culture, tradition, and because every Marine that I have spoken with has inspired me to want to be better. Being a Marine is not a part-time job, it is a way of life. The Army trains soldiers, the Navy trains sailors, the Air Force trains Airmen, but the Marine Corps MAKES Marines…. I only hope that in my Marine Corps career I can live up to those high standards set by those who wore the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor before me and set an example for all those who will wear it long after I am gone.”

PFC Aneshea Yee, Platoon 4021, O Company, Vista, CA
“Never would I have thought in a million years that I would be here at Parris Island yearning and striving day in and day out to become a United States Marine. I was not raised in a military family, nor did I know much about the military. I was raised by my grandmother who taught me to be like no one but myself, to be strong and to hold your head up high, and to admit when you are wrong.   She also taught me to have pride but be humble; to be a leader, and to know when to be a follower. Little did I know that these were things that I would be using in recruit training… Being chosen as the “Molly Marine” is a gift. To know that you affect those around you, and to know that not only do those around you inspire you, but you inspire them. It only takes one selfless act to inspire another to do the same. You set the example in hopes that those around you will follow, as a Marine you are the example. I can only hope to raise my daughter with the values that recruit training has instilled in me, that being a woman changes nothing and to show her no matter what challenges may come your way  you always have to give it everything you’ve got and live with no regrets.

It was November 10, 1943, when the city of New Orleans dedicated the first United States monument of a woman in service uniform: “Molly Marine.” A local recruiter commissioned the statue to help recruit women during World War II. For female Marines around the world, Molly represents the countless contributions female Marines have made to the Corps. She has become a symbol of esprit de corps for all women Marines. Just before graduation from boot camp, the female recruits are asked to name one woman within their platoon who best exemplifies esprit de corps. Here, we celebrate two of our newest sisters, PFC Scott and Private Windsor.