Mail Call: Marine Memories…1952

It was Nov. 10, 1952 at the rifle range at MCRDPISC and our Colonel had arranged for a platoon of women Marine recruits to attend our ball at the battalion lyceum.

I was fortunate enough to meet a gorgeous blond and we danced the night away despite the best efforts of her D.I. to keep us from enjoying the music  by ordering us to not dance so close. The D.I. was fighting a losing battle as she was forced to order all of her recruits to do the same.After the dance was over I was talking with my dancing partner when that dragon of a D.I. ordered her to get aboard the bus that had brought them. I went out another door and was able to express my hope that she would not be in too much trouble. In true Marine fashion she replied she didn’t care.

I’m 75 now and retired from the Corps but Nov. 10 every year, no matter where I am attending our ball, my thoughts go back to that wonderful evening in 1952. If my old memory serves me right her name was Sheri, she was from N.Y. state, her parents had a bar or restaurant and she invited me to D.C. where she was stationed. Alas, the pay of a Pfc. did not allow it. Where ever she is I hope she is well.

Semper-Fi ladies

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