Martha Juanita Greenway-Guin

Remembering Our WWII Marines

By Donald E. Williams

Martha Juanita Greenway Guin

I would like you to know about my Aunt who was a US Marine during WWII

Martha Juanita Greenway-Guin Born:  1 July 1921, Henderson, Vance County, North Carolina

Died: 29 October 2008, Henderson, Vance County, North Carolina
She went by “Juanita”

1946 – Separated – Martha Juanita Greenway separated from the United States Marine Corps at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina on 06 April 1946.

1950 – WW II Compensation – on 2 May 1950 Martha Juanita Guin applied for compensation for service during World War II by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  She was living at Route 2 Box 50A, Henderson, Vance County, North Carolina at the time of the application. She indicated she was separated  from the USMC on 06 April 1946.  An auditor scratched out the 06 April separation dated and wrote in 02 Mar(ch).  Juanita stated in the application that she did not have any foreign service. Her compensation for 19 months of domestic service was $190.00. and was authorized for payment on 29 August 1950.

Donald E. Williams CPT (R), AUS
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