Molly Marine 9 March 2011

Women Marines Association representative, Linda Priest (center), stands with Teresa Burgess, mother of deceased Molly Marine PFC Ke'Erica Allen and Molly Marine PFC Abigail M. Krause.

PFC Abigail M. Krause, Platoon 4008, O Company, Stacy, MN

“Just 13 weeks ago, I was a simple teenage girl curious about where the future would lead me. Now, as I stand here today, I find myself surrounded by a group of women whom I can call sisters. These sisters of mine; Platoon 4008 have given me honor of the Molly Marine Award.

Perfection- many may strive to achieve perfection. However, throughout time people discover that perfection is merely a symbol of the quote, “Shoot for the moon and you will land amongst the stars.” The United States Marine Corps, based off the core values of honor, courage, and commitment was brought into my life because of my big brother. At first, I was upset with the thought of him being a Marine. After joining in on the motivational PT sessions at the recruiting office, I began to understand what had caught my brother’s heart. That is when I decided the Marine Corps was an exceptional choice for me. Throughout boot camp, I have learned that perfection is just a fragment of my imagination. However, if there was such a utopia, it is my belief that teamwork, a positive attitude, and healthy boost of motivation will go a long way. I have found that even if a person is far from perfection, hard work will give you the tools to succeed.

A Molly Marine stands tall and bold in all situations thrown her way. A tough situation does not lead her off track but strengthens her in every way. To be a Molly Marine, a person needs to be fully dedicated to the Marine Corps and to themselves.  Honor, courage, commitment is what she lives by, in front of a crowd or behind closed doors, she remains true to the person and  the Marine she is. She sets the example for all to emulate and stays consistent and corrects her deficiencies.”

The family of deceased PFC Ke'Erica Allen is joined by Platoon 4009 in front of the Molly Marine statue at MCRD Parris Island, SC. PFC Allen's platoon nominated her as their Molly Marine.

PFC Ke’Erica R. Allen, Platoon 4009, O Company,  Hampton, GA

PFC Allen died Feb 5, 2011, of Meningitis, during Marine Corps recruit training at Parris Island. Prior to their graduation, the recruits of Platoon  4009 nominated Ke’Erica as their Molly Marine. Representatives from the Women Marines Association presented her family with the award. The following essay was written by her platoon.

“Molly Marine is a female Marine who best exemplifies esprit de corps. She embodies the traditional core values: Honor, Courage and Commitment. PFC Allen possessed all of the characteristics of being a Molly Marine. She was a motivating, inspirational leader and truly embodied our Marine Corps core values.

Molly Marine was a model statue for recruitment during World War II. She inspired hundreds of female Marines. PFC Allen was just as inspirational. She always had uplifting, reassuring things to say. She helped many recruits in her first platoon and in FRP overcome tough and challenging times and get their mindset back to their goals. PFC Allen would spend countless hours of her free time to encourage and work with her fellow recruits. One recruit recalled PFC Allen saying to her, “our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”  She was a hard worker and always put her best foot forward. PFC Allen had honor: she prided herself on working towards being a United States Marine. She had courage, and never showed her weaknesses. She was committed, she never gave up, and she pushed through her discouragements and kept her eyes on the prize. She worked hard for what she wanted and she wanted to be a United States Marine.

Standing 10 feet tall, head held high and forever remembered, PFC Ke’Erica Allen, Molly Marine.”