Molly Marine K.J. Anteau

Molly Marine

Platoon 4011

Private First Class Kristina J. Anteau

Private First Class Kristina J. Anteau
Private First Class Kristina J. Anteau

What should I do with my life? This was the question going through my mind while sitting in my psychology class at Saginaw Valley State University. I was visualizing my life after college, but seemed not able to. I thought about my lifelong dream of becoming a Marine. I could not picture myself in school anymore. That path was not for me. A few days after I spoke to my brother-in-law who is a recruiter. He helped me with my overall decision.

Two months later I stepped off a plane and onto a bus headed for Parris Island. Many thoughts ran through my head. I was extremely nervous and excited at the same time as my fellow recruits and I stood in front of two silver doors awaiting our future.

Going through recruit training was a challenge for me and I always tried my hardest. I struggled in the beginning with adapting, but with the help of my fellow recruits I pushed myself even harder. I pushed myself on every event and tried my best to help others who were struggling to finish. We finished as a team, no man left behind. That mentality helped me through recruit training.

Through the training process we learned what the Molly Marine stood for. I am honored to be nominated by my fellow recruits for having leadership qualities that were helpful to others. I will strive to continue to be a role model and to uplift my fellow Marines.

The end of third phase is coming near and the Crucible is around the corner. I know every P.T. session, class, and dressing by the numbers has a purpose. With the help of my Drill Instructors and Senior Drill Instructor, I know my fellow Marines and I have the Honor, Courage, and Commitment to be the profound Marine they have trained us to be.