Molly Marine PFC G.Anglade

Molly Marine

Platoon 4014 O

Private First Class Anglade

Marine Corps Recruit Training is a place where few choose to go, and even fewer endure the

PFC Gemina Anglade
PFC Gemina Anglade

challenge to earn the title of a United States Marine. Two main characteristics that are important in order to be successful in recruit training are teamwork and motivation. A molly Marine must possess these characteristics as well as be able to lead and follow.

We all need each other to survive the hardships of recruit training. It takes one motivated spirit to push everyone and spread positive vibes throughout the platoon. It takes courage to put your emotions and self aside to help others. A Molly Marine must be selfless and accept criticism from her sisters. She must be able to bring her sisters together by setting the example.

A Molly Marine helps uplift her sisters even when she is down. Sometimes it can be hard to find common ground working with so many different personalities. However, I found common ground through prayer during free time. It started with four recruits and as days went on the circle grew larger. A bond was formed within the platoon and encouraging each other became easier.

A Molly Marine must learn from her mistakes. This recruit remembers getting in trouble by Senior Drill Instructor SSgt Ramirez for putting conditioner in her hair while on rifle watch. This recruit felt horrible for not setting a positive example and not living up to the true meaning of honor, courage, and commitment. After that day this recruit used her mistake as an example for others not to follow. Doing the right thing when no one is looking isn’t easy, but it is worth it. That is a trait every Marine has instilled inside of them, which leads a Molly Marine to conduct herself with high standards.

Growing up, I was taught to take responsibility for my actions and to take care of those around me. I learned at an early age it is easier to help those around her rather than watching others struggle. The values that I was taught at a young age go hand in hand with the leadership principles of the Marine Corps. I had to help take care of her disabled brother, which meant there were days when I had to miss school in order to watch him. Remembering some of the hardships that I have endured has played a major role in the motivation that I am able to give to others.

The foundation of a sisterhood is based on honor, courage, and commitment. These are traits that each recruit can share and take with them throughout the rest of their careers, and they are the foundation of a Molly Marine.