Molly Marine Presentation N Co 6 February 2013

Molly Marines PFCs Lauren A. Wiley, Marlette, MI, and Latia A. Boggan, St. Johns, FL.
Molly Marines PFCs Lauren A. Wiley, Marlette, MI, and Latia A. Boggan, St. Johns, FL.

The city of New Orleans dedicated the first United States monument of a woman in service uniform: “Molly Marine” November 10, 1943.  A local recruiter commissioned the statue to help recruit women during World War II. For female Marines around the world, Molly has come to represent the countless significant contributions women have made to the Corps. Molly has become a symbol of esprit de corps for all women Marines. Just before graduation from boot camp, the female recruits are asked to name one woman within their platoon who best exemplifies esprit de corps. Here, we celebrate two of our newest sisters, PFCs Latia A. Boggan and Lauren A. Wiley, who’ve been honored with the additional title Molly Marine.

PFC Latia A. Boggan, St. Johns, FL, Plt 4004, O Company

“Molly Marine embodies the Marine Corps Core Values of honor, courage and commitment. Day and night our Drill Instructors work to instill these ideals into our heads until they are as involuntary as breathing. Honor is the ability to stand tall and proud to be a Marine, more importantly a female Marine. Courage is the ability to fight alongside my fellow Marines and face fear head on.  Commitment is the ability to be called at any point in time to protect the freedoms of this country and willingly drop anything and everything trading in stilettos for combat boots.

Being Molly Marine you must grasp these values as well as many other traits. You must have the ability to lead, but even more so the ability to follow. Becoming a good leader is mediocracy; being a great follower is perfection. You must know what’s best for your platoon before thinking about what is best for yourself.

Women Marines of Platoons 4004 and 4005 take a knee for a photo with their Molly Marines.
Women Marines of Platoons 4004 and 4005 take a knee for a photo with their Molly Marines.

Being selected as Molly Marine came as a complete shock. Pushing someone to keep running, encouraging recruits while enduring obstacles or calming someone’s fear is second nature to me. I have always pushed them to succeed even when I’m at my worst. I have constantly demonstrated how much I care and that I will do anything for my sister. By demonstrating my own good moral values, always being eager to help, and striving for nothing but the best meant my platoon always had a positive influence to follow. They have helped my weaknesses turn into strengths and my strengths even stronger throughout this journey.

We’ve all grown in many ways from improving our attitudes, to having stronger mental and physical strength. I have also gained great enthusiasm and have learned to always seek self-improvement not only for myself, but my peers. I am a direct reflection of my platoon. Bits and pieces of them are now a part of me, thus making us all Molly Marines. I am proud and honored to have been selected as Molly Marine and honored that we have all earned the title Marine.”

PFC Lauren A. Wiley, Marlette, MI, Plt 4005, O Company

“Molly marine is the one person that puts everyone before herself. She seems to always be there to help with anything when you need her most; always willing to sacrifice her own time to make sure everyone else is on the right track. She gives that positive side to any situation and instilling motivation and confidence to help get those through anything. She doesn’t focus on the leadership aspect but exemplifies the position and will never give up on anything or anyone.

She understands what it takes to be a Marine and embraces what she has learned and puts it into action. Showing courage and confidence in the challenges she faces and putting all of her heart and soul into conquering that challenge. She knows there is always room for improvement and is constantly striving to be better not only for herself but her peers. She goes above and beyond what is expected of her. She knows self discipline and integrity by doing what is right and accomplishing tasks quickly and efficiently.

She’s committed to the Marine Corps and takes pride in its name and what it stands for everyday.  She understands how honorable it is to achieve the title of being a Marine. She constantly strives to earn that title by helping her fellow sisters on the same journey.

This is what it means to me to be a Molly Marine, but most importantly a United States Marine. I am honored to have been selected as the Molly Marine from my platoon, but most importantly proud of the platoon for embracing what is being taught to us in order to better ourselves and become one to achieve our ultimate goal; to be a United States Marine.”