Molly Marine Presentation P Co 18Dec2013

The city of New Orleans dedicated the first United States monument of a woman in service uniform: “Molly Marine” on 10Nov, 1943.  A local recruiter commissioned the statue to help recruit women during World War II. For female Marines around the world, Molly has come to represent the countless significant contributions women have made to the Corps. She proudly stands for endurance, the book she holds records our history, the binoculars allow her to see into the future and she looks up steadfast facing all that comes her way. Molly has become a symbol of Esprit de Corps for all women Marines. Before graduation from boot camp, the recruits are asked to name one fellow recruit within their platoon who best exemplifies being a Marine. Here, we celebrate two of our newest sisters.

P Co Molly Marine Presentation 18 Dec 2013 LtoR:  PFC Kayla M. Lee, Plt 4042, Arnold, MO; PFC Valari W. Larosa, Plt 4043, San Jose, CA
P Co Molly Marine Presentation 18 Dec 2013
LtoR: PFC Kayla M. Lee, Plt 4042, Arnold, MO;
PFC Valari W. Larosa, Plt 4043, San Jose, CA

PFC Kayla M. Lee, P Co, Plt 4042

18 Dec 2013

PFC Kayla M. Lee  Plt 4042, Arnold, MO
PFC Kayla M. Lee
Plt 4042, Arnold, MO

The first week here at recruit training I was made a G.I. can liner recruit. Today I am platoon 4042’s Molly Marine. To be the Molly Marine means to exemplify qualities of a Marine such as Honor, Courage, and Commitment. For me it started off with mustering the G.I. can liners, such a small task, but I knew that if I did not do it, it would not get done. I built off of that thought every day. It is not about how much you can get out of recruit training; it is about what you give and what you put into it. If you give all that you have to offer you are not only helping yourself succeed, but you are helping those around you to succeed as well.

A Molly Marine is to not dwell on weaknesses but instead feeds off of them to get stronger. She pushes herself and those around her past their perceived limits. She strives to reach her own maximum potential, as well as pushing others to reach theirs. She is always present never missing a beat. A Molly Marine sets the example, instead of blending in, she stands out. She is a leader, firm yet still gaining the respect of those around her.

I did not come to recruit training a leader, but I have learned the Leadership Traits and Principles. Leadership is not something you are born with but taught and instilled at recruit training. Instead of waiting on the recruit to the left and right of me to sound off, I took the initiative to do it myself. I then took the initiative to get the recruits to the left and right of me to correct themselves. Taking initiative is a selfless act that recruit training has taught me. In order to take initiative, you must have courage to tackle any task and the commitment to do it all over again. I put the qualities of the Marines I look up to into action.

Receiving this honor would not have been possible without the Drill Instructors or the platoon. Seeing the Drill Instructors work so hard every day was an inspiration to me and the platoon, and it was my motivation to work harder. They put 100 percent in on a daily basis, seven days a week. All of my Drill Instructors are Molly Marines in my eyes. The platoon itself has helped with what I have accomplished, and what I have learned in recruit training. I have not only learned to help others, but have learned to take the help of others and utilize it to my better myself.

A Molly Marine takes the Core Values and puts them into action. She does not wait for them to be enforced. To be awarded Molly Marine is the most honorable thing I could have achieved on Parris Island besides the journey to earn the title “Marine.” It shows that it is never too late for self-improvement. I did not come here just to earn a title; I came to gain the qualities of Honor, Courage, and Commitment. To me it means my effort in recruit training has not gone unrecognized. It means all the times I have screamed at the top of my lungs, someone heard me. It means I have gained the respect of others. Being awarded Molly Marine means I am one step closer to becoming the Marine I desire so much to be.


PFC Valari W. Larosa, P Co, Plt 4043

18 December 2013

Becoming one of the few and the proud, a Marine, has been a personal goal of mine since high school.  I know that it was a title

PFC Valari W. Larosa Plt 4043, San Jose, CA
PFC Valari W. Larosa
Plt 4043, San Jose, CA

I wanted to earn, not be given.  Being a part of something bigger than me is what pulled me to the Marine Corps.  Those razor sharp creases every Marine wears with pride caught my eyes and attention.  One of the Leadership Traits that Marines abide by is unselfishness, something that encompasses the true meaning of being a “Molly Marine.”  This title is chosen by peers and given to the biggest contributor and team player in the platoon.  When the topic came up, my sisters confidently chose me and caught me by surprise.  By earning the title “Molly Marine,” I find myself extremely honored and thankful for having such a supportive platoon when it was something I didn’t have the slightest intention of gaining when coming to boot camp.

Before coming to Parris Island, I was fresh out of high school and working alongside my father with his business.  With his business, I learned to have a strong work ethic and mindset to complete tasks flawlessly.  Living with only my father and little sister, I learned to appreciate tight bonds and strong relationships which helped when being forced to live with many females.  Extending the olive branch during the first few weeks of recruit training paid off because when I needed help with simple tasks with minimum time, I was helped.  This encouraged me to help others when possible.  During first phase, I assisted many recruits with personal appearance and knowledge instead of thinking about myself and free time.

Having the chance to represent my Senior Drill Instructor and platoon in such a positive manner has been a great opportunity and will stay with me throughout my Marine Corps Career.  My Drill Instructors engraved leadership traits in my brain and demonstrated what it truly means to be unselfish.  I know you are only as strong as your weakest link.  I plan to continue living with that mindset and high standard of life.  My ultimate goal is to share this lifestyle with many others including my future kids.