Molly Marines Scott and Windsor

It was November 10, 1943, when the city of New Orleans dedicated the first United States monument of a woman in service uniform: “Molly Marine.” A local recruiter commissioned the statue to help recruit women during World War II. For female Marines around the world, Molly represents the countless contributions female Marines have made to the Corps. She has become a symbol of esprit de corps for all women Marines. Just before graduation from boot camp, the female recruits are asked to name one woman within their platoon who best exemplifies esprit de corps. Here, we celebrate two of our newest sisters, PFC Scott and Private Windsor.

PFC Ashleigh Scott, Columbia, SC

Chosen by her platoon Company O, Platoon 4014 as Molly Marine 5 May 2010

 “In the beginning it was a struggle. Slowly but surely we became a sisterhood. Through this experience alone I have met people from all over the country and have experienced things that I never would have thought I would be able to get through.  This has shown me that the Marine Corps is not just a fighting force, but a big family.  With our Drill Instructors as role models, we’ve learned to support one another and give each other the stability we need to survive.”

Private Candace Windsor, Lake Charles, LA

Chosen by her platoon Company O, Platoon 4014 as Molly Marine 5 May 2010

“Who would have thought that walking off a bus and stepping onto a pair of yellow footprints could be so scary? When we looked to the left and to the right, we saw complete strangers, individuals who have come from every corner of the United States sharing one goal, to become a part of the world’s finest fighting force. By stepping onto the sacred footprints we started our journey from civilians into United States Marines. … As I take a step back, I notice the extreme change in myself and my platoon as a whole. I do not see strangers when I look around the squad bay, these are my sisters, my family. We are not the same people we were thirteen weeks ago, we are stronger, wiser, and more confident than we will ever be. We have the capabilities to accomplish greater tasks if we set our minds to it. Through all of the mountain climbers, we have finally reached the top of the mountain, stepping onto the yellow footprints was the best decision I have made thus far.”

Posted via email from Women Marines on the web