MollyMarine A.M.Crawford

Molly Marine

Platoon 4008

Private First Class Alyshia M. Crawford

PFC Alyshia M. Crawford
PFC Alyshia M. Crawford

In my mind, the Molly Marine is a recruit who gives everything they can each and every day to

not only better themselves as an individual future Marine, but to also better their peers in the platoon with them. Being a Molly Marine corresponds to the core values of the Marine Corps of Honor, Courage, and Commitment. There are also many other traits a Molly Marine should possess such as being dependable, reliable, unselfish, helpful, considerate, and accountable.

A Molly Marine is an individual who strives for perfection in themselves and the others around them. The Molly Marine should be helpful and assist the other recruits in the platoon. By doing so it will help with their daily tasks throughout recruit training, build teamwork, and a sense of trust between the other recruits. During recruit training, I was told that I had been dependable, reliable, positive, unselfish, helpful, considerate, motivational, and accountable. All traits I plan to continue to emulate.

A Molly Marine is someone who should consistently assist the other recruits in what needs to be done and must always do the right thing. The Molly Marine must be able to do all daily tasks and extra duties to help assist the other recruits accomplish the mission. Being respectful, having integrity to do what is right when no one is watching, being dependable to push through mental and physical pain to the extremes, and be the representative for the platoon in a positive matter, is what is required of a Molly Marine. The Molly Marine should possess the fourteen leadership traits and show them constantly.

When I came to Parris Island, I never thought I would be deserving of an award from my peers. I am thankful to have learned some of the leadership traits because of recruit training, but I believe my qualities, traits, and character have improved as the time has gone by throughout recruit training. Being the Molly Marine of the platoon is a trait to live by. I will personally strive to be the best “Molly Marine” each and every day.