MollyMarine K.L.Pillitteri

Molly Marine

Platoon 4009

Private First Class Kortney L. Pillitteri

PFC Kortney L. Pillitteri


What is a Molly Marine and what qualities does she possess? A Molly Marine is someone who strives to display the Marine Corps values of honor, courage, and commitment at all times. A Molly Marine is not a perfect Marine but a humble one; she knows her faults and seeks growth and improvement. A Molly Marine is a female recruit who came to recruit training a certain way and leaves changed for the better.

A Molly Marine is someone who leads by example. She knows that actions more often than not speak louder than any words. A Molly Marine will try to do the right thing regardless of who is watching.

A Molly Marine is someone who is dependable and committed. She is someone who is willing to help others whenever she can. She uses her strengths to help those who struggle. She is committed to her platoon and the recruit training process. She is someone who is disciplined and takes recruit training very seriously. She cares deeply about becoming the best Marine she can be. This means that even when she is tired, hungry, sore, in pain, or otherwise uncomfortable, she does not lose focus. She pushes through without complaint. She fights complacency and laziness.

Lastly, a Molly Marine is someone who strives to motivate those around her. She possesses a positive attitude even when things are tough. She must show strength and endurance even when she feels weak.

Being voted the Molly Marine was very humbling and unexpected. Throughout recruit training, I strived to be a mature example for my platoon. I constantly self-evaluated how I was growing and changing and I always tried to improve on the things I struggled with. By doing that, I truly learned how to reach out to others who were also struggling. When I started recruit training, I had close to no confidence and now I feel like I can stand tall and confident for the first time in my life.

I know that I am just the same as any other recruit that sets foot on those yellow footprints. I also know that I would not have made it through without the help of my platoon. I am thankful that my platoon voted me as the Molly Marine and even though I feel undeserving of this title, I will continue to do my absolute best to display those qualities that the “ideal” Molly Marine should.