OH-2 Pulps Paper from Uniforms and Sentimental Items

The lady Leathernecks of WMA’s OH-2 “Chesty Puller” Chapter held their quarterly meeting in Cleveland March 27 so they could participate in a veteran workshop sponsored by Paper Bridges (www.paperbridges.org) at the Morgan Conservatory of Papermaking.

The four-hour session consisted of breaking military uniforms and sentimental items down to pulp and then using molds to hand make paper from the pulp. The group broke for lunch and held its formal meeting during which it inducted its new officers and discussed some business. Afterwards, they headed back to make paper with other veterans from around Ohio. It was a truly rewarding experience and the ladies’ paper is GORGEOUS!  Now they can scrapbook about their Marine Corps days, write poetry, paint or create any other art on their paper.

WMA participants included, Ellen Leidy, Lynette Gray, Elva Pounder, Susan Daood, Jenny Jenkins, Amie Riddle and Paper Bridges Founder, Donna Perdue.

If you’d like Paper Bridges to come to your next WMA meeting, email Donna Perdue via contact information at www.paperbridges.org.

Posted via email from Women Marines on the web