PFC Allison Drane

MMAMolly Marine

Platoon 4026 November Company

Private First Class Allison M. Drane

MM 2026           Someone without fail keeps a positive attitude and a mindset that drives through the toughest of challenges is someone who carries the title Molly Marine. Most know what Molly Marine is, but few know the impact she has on her peers. Her actions are seen through those she has encouraged to always strive to do better than before.

This recruit thought that she was being true to herself like her Drill Instructors taught her, but to others she did much more. This recruit finds her confidence on the parade deck, strength on the PT field and pride in her sisters. There would not be a Molly Marine without the inspiration from fellow recruits to push through what may seem impossible.

Motivation is not a superficial beast. It is something that is grown and blossomed in each individual then combined to make a unit work as a team. This motivation then propels each person to give more than they thought they could, keeps bonds strong and the outcome is a platoon dedicated to each other and the task at hand.

An attribute this recruit feels is pertinent to the role of Molly Marine is dependability. The platoon needs one that each recruit knows they can rely on for anything. Someone they know that can and will help them in the best way possible. Leaning on one another is the basis for creating and maintaining a platoon that is overflowing with motivation and pride in the accomplishments they have achieved together.

It is not the title or the acknowledgement that makes being Molly Marine its seeing the platoon mature and mold into Marines by working together. Screaming discipline on the quarterdeck, driving heels left and right on the catwalk and letting the island hear the thunder, the November Company boom.

Nov 4026 Series Grad 8-7-15