PFC Audrey Huntshorse

Molly Marine Award Recognition Essay

Essay by PFC Huntsman

GRADUATION DATE: August. 2, 2019

“Recruit Huntshorse report to Senior Drill Instructor SSgt Chavez as ordered.” Hearing my name echoed down the squad bay was nothing too out of the ordinary, when I reported in to learn that I had been chosen as platoon 4029’s Molly Marine, was astonishing. I was surprised because I try not to think of myself as more than a functioning part of a unit. To learn that I had made a real impact on the other recruits in platoon 4029 is al! honor. In addition, with the surprise came self-refection and flashbacks to the earlier days in training where things seemed as though everything was going wrong in all ways possible, but I put on a bold face while being corrected or while going thorough something challenging.
Even before deciding to take on the challenge of becoming a Marine, growing up I had and still have one of the best if not the best examples of Marine Corps standards, my mother. I look up to her with the upmost respect, especially going through this rigorous training, with this, example came advice and lessons. The most impactful lesson retained was to lead by example. That mantra alongside the advice and lessons from drill instructors on the island brought me to where I am now. I was given the billet of squad leader by Senior Drill Instructor SSgt Chavez, in knowing this every time I took on a new day or challenge I know my reactions/actions as well as the actions of the guides and other squad leaders will dictate how the platoon will react. I like to think that I understand how to take care of my fellow recruits and now to lead her fellow recruits. knowing these things, I will always move louder and faster than those who are around me, because leading my example is something I want to live by. Before recruit training I evaluated why I wanted to become a Marine, when I made my decision, it only came down to three factors, I wanted to better myself in character and status; to serve my country and most importantly to lead Marines. I aspire to become an officer, but instead of going the officer route I wanted to become enlisted first because I think that is the most effective path to mission accomplishment.

I know that I have many things to learn, many challenges to face, and even more obstacles to overcome but even then, I won’t quit or give up regardless of what life brings me. I am still unsure why I was chosen, because I try to help everyone without recognition, perhaps the actions I portray during recruit training are from when I was growing up. I never thought I could walk down my family’s path, in hindsight through all that knowledge that comes from being “behind the scenes” and subconsciously realized that also comes with a love of the Marine Corps as well.

Now all I want is to become one of the few, a Marine but most importantly I want to serve others, I’ve learned throughout recruit training that selflessness is a grand characteristic, and is crucial to have if we want to be one of the few. I am honored to have been chosen by my sisters it’s a humbling moment and I’ll be forever grateful for this experience.

The Molly Marine Award is presented by WMA to one female graduate at the end of recruit training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, SC. Award recipients are selected by members of each graduating platoon as individuals who best exemplify the Espirit de Corps and ideal of excellence which is the hallmark of all Marines.