PFC Danielle M. Shendel

MMAMolly Marine

Platoon 4024

Private First Class Danielle M. Shendel


 PFC Shendel              Coming here I thought completing recruit training would be an individual effort but that quickly changed. I learned motivating each other and using teamwork were pivotal to mission accomplishment. I am very proud and honored that my sisters chose me as the Molly Marine; knowing I motivate my sisters motivates me. It is not about yourself anymore, it is about who is to your left and right. I believe being a Molly Marine you need to be selfless and have to have the right attitude to guide your team to the finish line. You need to have the mentality to push through the pain and know that in the end it will only make you stronger. This prestigious title as a United States Marine has given me and my fellow Marines the confidence and motivation to carry on throughout further training. Being chosen as the Molly Marine is truly gratifying. I believe that being a Molly Marine you need to come equipped with leadership. Leadership is showing someone how to do something and having them do it not because they have to but because they want to being picked as the Molly Marine is very humbling and I will continue to motivate others with a warrior spirit that is guided by our Core Values of honor, courage, and commitment.