PFC Devin Phommachanh

 MMAMolly Marine

Platoon 4027

Private First Class Devin Phommachanh

MM 2027             The Molly Marine is someone who puts others before themselves, who sees the hardships as opportunities to become not only a better, Marine but a better person. She will always try to be the example and give all she has and push even more to help her sisters who need it every chance she gets.

I never heard of what a Molly Marine is, let alone ever think I would be voted as the Molly Marine for my Platoon in recruit training. I am very thankful for my sisters in my platoon, all I wanted to do for recruit training is become a Marine, but then we all became a family and shared the goal of becoming Marines together. I was able to use knowledge from being in NJROTC, not just the drill or the customs and courtesies, but what I learned from my mentors. I learned that you must not only be a leader through example but always remember to be fair and treat others humanely especially to target problems not people. All through training my drill instructors taught me what it means to be a leader through trials and many errors on my part. Which motivated me to work harder to get things right and execute with tactfulness but it was no longer about me it was about working together with my sisters. My hardest trial was to not get frustrated in recruit training; I had to realize that even if you think you gave it your all, there is always a get back. I will continue to work on myself and apply all I have learned in recruit training to the rest of my career and the rest of my life.

The Molly Marine is motivated by all her sisters and is a reflection of her Senior Drill Instructor and Drill Instructors. You have to be committed, do what’s right even when no one is looking, never aim for the bare minimum, respect others, have passion and never quit.

Nov 4026 Series Grad 8-7-15