PFC Haley Hughes

MMAMolly Marine
Platoon 4021

Private First Class Haley B. Hughes


MM P PFC Hughes 4021                Upholding the core values of honor, courage and commitment by doing what is right in the face of fear, morally and legally, having integrity and taking responsibility for all actions while holding others accountable is what makes a Molly Marine. By putting the Marine Corps before everything else and taking pride in everything she does with the confidence of a leader, a Molly Marine sets the example and stands as a role model for other female Marines by giving them something to strive for. Although a Molly Marine strives to better herself physically, mentally and morally she is always demonstrating selflessness and dedication by readily and willing helping others and raising their standards to become better. Fighting for what she does and winning every challenge put in front of her, a Molly Marine is committed whole heartedly to her country by living and breathing the Marine Corps way of life.

Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island has many Marines that live up to this standard. They are all selflessly dedicated to being the best Marine they can be while still helping others become better. Each one has the confidence, pride and values to be a perfect example of a Molly Marine.

                MM Papa 4020 4021

               Observing everything about the Marines on Parris Island motivates me to push myself even further than I already have. A Molly Marine is the definition of what every Marine should be, male or female. Every mission put in front of a Molly Marine can be accomplished.

The tradition of a Molly Marine is something I want to grow from and make not only myself better, but also every generation of Marines above or below me. Marines become leaders by hard work, skill and dedication. The United States Marine Corps is the backbone of America. Living by the core values of honor, courage, and commitment; that will never change.


“Marines fight and win- that’s what we do, that’s who we are. To be a Marine is to do what is right in the face of overwhelming adversity.” -Anonymous