PFC Jaxineflor M. Orotea

Marine_MollyMolly Marine

Platoon 4018

Private First Class Jaxineflor M. Orotea

MM N 4018 PFC Orotea


A Molly Marine to me is someone who motivates other people through her hard work and commitment. She is someone who gives everything she can even though it hurts and it is hard. She never gives up easily. She is also someone who accepts her deficiencies and is willing to make herself better. She is also someone who knows how to follow and lead. She stands firm on what she believes in and not letter others defy her or bring her down. She takes criticism to fuel her desire to accomplish her goals and ambitions. She is someone who knows how to take care of herself and others. She looks very presentable and very approachable. She is also a very positive person and easy to get along with. A Molly Marine is someone you can rely on during tough times. She knows how to deal with problems properly and efficiently in stressful situations. She is humble, honest, and a respectful person. And most importantly she’s a friend who is always going be there if you need her.

MM NOV 4018 4019

Going to recruit training is the biggest life changing decision I made in my life. The Marine Corps boot camp is very challenging physically and mentally. At boot camp there is always a risk of getting injured or failing a test and you can get dropped for it. You can never afford to have one bad day at boot camp. So every day when I wake up I always tell myself it’s going to be a good day even though I know we have an 8 mile hike. I learned that if you put your mind and your heart to everything that you do even though it is physically and mentally painful you will always be successful. Nothing comes easy. There are times that I would doubt myself, but I would think about all the long and painful hikes I finished, the two, two and a half and three mile I ran in cold weather, and all the route step marching I did. Every challenge I defeat makes me more proud of myself and that’s what keeps me pushing and giving everything I can to become a United States Marine.