PFC JordonM.Guevara

Marine_MollyMolly Marine

Platoon 4019

Private First Class Jordon M. Guevara


MM N 4019 PFC GJust one act of kindness can spread like wildfire. To be a Molly Marine is to be the one who will set the example for all other Marines to follow. To show that, that one small act of kindness can really go a long way. She doesn’t do any of it for the recognition or praise. She does it just to do it; just to take care of her own.

Two of the Marine Corps’ unspoken ethics are, “Marines never leave anyone behind and Marines take care of their own.” All of the Molly Marines in the past have lived by these ethics. Every single recruit goes through some type of difficulty in boot camp including the Molly Marine. She understands that everyone needs a helping hand once in a while. So she gains that courage to step up and help others regardless of the circumstance. She does everything she can so that even as a recruit or Marine no has to feel alone. Everyone can have somebody to count on without completely relying on another person.

MM NOV 4018 4019


Every single Marine before boot camp took a testimony to be unselfish, so the loyalty and trust within their platoons could expand. We are always told as recruits that teamwork is the key to success. And we are only as strong as our weakest link. In my eyes a Molly Marine will go above and beyond to have the initiative to do something for another recruit. To motivate the recruit to better themselves, as well as better herself. She starts to create that bond within the platoon. That lifetime sisterhood we all strive for. This lifetime sisterhood we all strive for. This recruit would not be selected as Molly Marine, if it wasn’t for her fellow sisters. They all understand that we are one and that we all must take care of our own. We must stay together; always faithful. Semper Fi!