PVT Misty Edwards

Marine_Molly Molly Marine

Platoon 4022

Private Misty Edwards

     MM P PVT Edwards 4022      I am honored to be selected as an example for others to follow. Often I tell others it doesn’t take a wise man to do the right thing, but only a foolish man would make the wrong choice. Making the choice to become a Marine was always the right choice. I wanted to dedicate my life to serve my country.

Prior to joining The Marine Corps I set high standards for myself. I physically pushed myself. Even during difficult times I looked for the positive in every outcome. I spent much of my time helping family and friends.

In recruit training, I was taught the Marine Corps Core Values of Honor, Courage and Commitment. All of the Core Values are important to demonstrate at all times while at recruit training I have allowed each of those values to grow and strengthen in me by practicing them daily. A Marine must demonstrate each of the core values to be a Molly Marine.

MM P 4022 4023  I exercised commitment each day in recruit training. Commitment means to not give up and keep trying even during difficult times. It is essential to constantly help others. It means to strive for perfection, to make no excuses, and to continue to care even when others stop caring.

I exercised courage and pushed past set boundaries. I found the courage to be a leader. Courage means to do the right thing even when no one is watching. It also means to do the right thing even if no one is doing the right thing.

I have strove for honor. Honor is given when both courage and commitment are constantly demonstrated. Honor means to try to be a model others can look up to, this means to set the example for others.

In recruit training the most important thing I learned was team work. Team work is essential. Completing any given task requires a group effort. Each person must help the person to their left and right. The moto “No man left behind” plays a big role in team work. A task is not complete if not all have participated.

I found that the core values and team work developed leadership. Leaders and role models are often looked upon to be perfect, but even leaders make mistakes. A good leader is one who recognizes a mistake, fixes it, and continues to lead. As a leader I had to demonstrate what I expected of others. I could not have come this far without those to the left and right of me, to them I owe thanks. As a model for others to follow I will constantly try my best, keep an open mind, and continuously embrace the correction I am given. A good example is not a perfect person but someone who continuously tries to do the right thing, and that is the example I will continue set.