Recruitment of women Marines in the ’70s

Marine Recruitment 1970s

This recruitment film, produced for the U.S. Marine Corps by Dallas-based Bill Stokes Associates, portrays the recruitment and training process for women in the Marines. The film starts with “Susie Smalltown” who joins the Marines for the “glamorous uniform”. The viewer then witnesses the transformation that takes place for women recruits during basic training and their resulting sense of pride, achievement, and teamwork that they achieve “strictly on their own”.

For those who went into service in the Marine Corps, we smile as we look back at recruitment films such as these. It was a time of being a lady, make up classes, and knowing how to walk and act.

We were issued girdles and make up kits.

It is a stark difference of what Marines go thru today. But all in all we are all Marines. From WWI to present day we did what was asked of us.

We are generations of Marines.

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