She’s seen combat, jumped from planes & done time in DC. Now she sees every woman who wants to be a Marine | The Midwest Marines

April 2, 2010 The Midwest Marines – Lt. Col. Roberta Shea is a combat veteran from Iraq and Afghanistan with the combat action ribbon to prove it. She’s jumped from airplanes, directed the Commandant’s staff, served at Guantanamo Bay, seen time in both the enlisted and officer ranks, graduated the U.S. Naval Academy and now commands the Marine Corps’ only unit that transforms young civilian women into Marines. The Midwest Marines’ Captain Amelia Kays had the rare opportunity a few weeks ago to sit down with Lt. Col. Shea at Parris Island, South Carolina, for a personal, inspiring, and even humorous glimpse into the life of a warrior with more than two decades in the Corps. How has she done it? Why has she done it? What should today’s young ladies expect from the Marines? Listen for answers from the most qualified source in the Marine Corps today.