The New Women Marines Association Interim Board

By Rhonda Amtower

I am proud to work together with our new 2020-2021 Board of Directors (BOD). Despite the convention cancellation, the outgoing and incoming BODs met yesterday, 5 Sept to conduct the business of WMA. During the outgoing BOD meeting, we closed out final business of this BOD to include the presentation of the National Service Award (NSA). The NSA is the highest award given to a person who goes above and beyond in their support of WMA.

The NSA was awarded to the following 3 recipients: Dottie Stover-Kendrick (Chair of the Scholarship Committee).

Dorothy Stover-Kendrick

Michael Pearce (Loyal Escort IPP and technical support guru)

Michael E. Pearce

and Mary Ellen Stone our National Secretary for her dedicated administrative support in all of the many positions on which she has served. Congratulations to all three recipients!

MaryEllen Stone

The members of the incoming 2020-2021 BOD were installed in a ceremony conducted by our Past National President Carol Mutter. The following 8 members will serve on the Interim Board until a new Governing BOD is defined and elected by the membership. Rhonda Amtower as National President, Betty Moseley Brown as the Immediate Past President, Rosa M. Frank-Osborn as the 1VP, Jeannine Franz as the 2VP, Pat Lewis as the 3VP, Mary Ellen MaryEllen Stone as the Secretary,Peggy Reiber as Treasurer and Jennifer Keane Homan as the Membership Secretary.

We will focus on the partnership with our Association Management Company, Virtual Inc. to help WMA transition to a new Way Forward to ensure our existence and relevance for another 60 years!Thank you to all those who served on the 2018-2020 BOD and those who will continue to serve on the new Interim BOD.

WMA is privileged to have such dedicated and motivated members working to lead WMA into its next 60 years.

Semper Fidelis!

Rhonda Amtower

National President.