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Bionic Arm Restores Touch for Female Marine Who Lost Her Arm ~ A bionic hand that can also help restore the sense of touch to amputees could soon be developed thanks to new research that has enabled a female marine who 

Women in uniform, a commemoration 
Standard-Examiner ~ “Women are veterans, too,” said Marine Tech. Sgt. (Ret.) Janina Rybicki, of Sandy, as she quotes a favorite T-shirt she proudly wears to all veterans’ activities.

America’s women veterans deserve respect, honor
Baxter Bulletin ~ There’s a new face among American veterans coming home from war. No longer are our veterans just the men who went to war but among them are the women who have heard shots…

Female Marine in Iraq on YouTube
YouTube ~ PFC Danielle Young in Iraq’s Anbar Province in 2008

Some women who’ve served, even during war, won’t label themselves veterans
The Reporter ~~ There seems to be a trend that women veterans aren’t taking advantage of the services and camaraderie offered to those that leave the armed forces …