The State of the Association

January 2022 State of the Association

Happy New Year! Can you believe we finally made it to 2022? Even though we have all faced
a challenging year, we are ready to think about positive resolutions for the New Year. WMA has
so much to look forward to as we begin to implement our vision to make WMA the organization
of choice for all who support the ideals of women who have served in the Marine Corps
throughout the years.
I am proud to be able to report to you how far we have come especially in the last year. To keep
in step with our goals and vision we spent more than a year in identifying, listening to what our
Association and members need and want to make our Association more relevant, integrated and
growing. We all want to see WMA be successful for another 60 years plus. To accomplish this,
change is needed and necessary to keep up with the times. Let me review our accomplishments
over the last year as well as what’s ahead for the remainder of this year to meet our goals.

  • Partnership with Association Management Company – Our engagement with our
    Association Management Partner Virtual Inc. has resulted in a notable improvement in
    our administrative, financial and business related functions over the past year.
  • Revision of Bylaws and Standing Rules – In January 2021 we published our first
    Special Business Edition of ‘Nouncements that included the proposed revisions for our
    National Bylaws and Standing Rules. In the spring the membership voted to approve the
    revisions that resulted in identifying a new streamlined Board of Directors as well as
    simplifying the language and guidance in these governing documents to best conduct the
    business of our Association.
  • Rebranding Effort – In October we published a second Special Business Edition that
    focused on the status of our Rebranding effort to include the introduction of and guidance
    for the use of the new National Seal and Logo.
    o Chapter Logos – Since October our Design Team provided each Chapter with a
    “Primary Chapter Logo” that incorporated the chapter’s name and designation.
    All Chapters are now required to use this official Primary Logo on printed
    material, chapter websites and social media to ensure that we are in keeping with
    the new national WMA brand. The Design Team is also working with individual
    Chapters to create a “Secondary Chapter Logo” they can use, if desired, to
    promote WMA at the local level. If you have any questions please contact Jenn
    Moffit the head of our Design Team at
    o National Logo and Seal – will also now be used on our national website, social
    media, and promotional-material as well as in our quarterly newsletter.
  • Website Development – Late last fall we contracted with a web design Company called
    OneUpWeb to design and build a new national website. We are currently “a work in
    progress” and expect to launch our new website this spring. Stand by for a great new
    online experience!
  • Elections – As part of our governance restructure with a streamlined Board of Directors
    (BOD), we will hold our biennial elections for the new BOD this spring. All eight (8)
    Board Positions of the new streamlined Board are open for nominations. Details on the
    nomination process were published in the October issue of ‘Nouncements and can also be
    found in this issue. The nomination period is 15 January through 15 March after which
    the Nomination Committee will present a slate of qualified candidates for the election
    ballot that will be published to the membership in May. This year’s election ballot will
    be distributed electronically (mail in ballots will be provided to members without an e-
    mail) at the beginning of the voting period by our management partner Virtual Inc. This
    will help to provide a timely and secure voting process. More information on the election
    will be made available closer to its launch. Now is the time to engage and let your voices
    be heard. Be a part of WMA’s leadership team to make a difference in our future.
    Future developments:
  • Member Survey – As we move through the next few months, we will be sending out a
    member survey to get a pulse on how we are doing and what you would like to see from
    our organization in the future. This survey will help us ensure that we are addressing the
    needs and wants of our members as we continue to grow as an Association.
  • Online Networking Event Program – The goal of this program is to help foster the
    sense of community among WMA members by holding online gatherings in a fun and
    relaxed social setting.
    o WMA is looking for a few good women to participate in the planning of this new
    initiative by providing input and guidance on the types of topics and programs
    you’d like to see. We are looking for a task force of 3-5 volunteers with an
    expected time commitment of one, one-hour meeting every two weeks for about
    two months, with action items between for approximately one hour. This Task
    Force will begin in early February.

o If interested, please complete this Google form: Contact with
any questions. Thank you for your support!

We want to hear from you and look forward to your engagement in our Association. We are all
in this together! As always if you have any questions or suggestions please contact us at

Semper Fidelis,
Rhonda Amtower
WMA National President

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