The Tightrope Project

Artwork by Debbie Smythe

By: Dayna Wheeler

The Tightrope Project offers simple tweeks in our day to day thoughts can dramatically improve the outlook of the individual facing a myriad of emotional issues from self esteem to addiction and beyond. My passion for helping those with PTSD comes from my own experience with not only PTSD but poorly managed mental health challenges. I realized too quickly there were no mental health professionals able to offer me mental tools to help me manage the challenges I faced on an hourly basis. There certainly was no one able to help me grow as an individual to be even better than I was coming out of the other side. My goal with The Tightrope Project, is not only help those with specific goals they would like to achieve, but possess the ability moving forward to coach themselves throughout their life time and become the best versions of themselves using their pain for positive. 

Most people suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD etc. all have the same series of thoughts surrounding their circumstances. They feel stuck, misunderstood, helpless, hopeless and totally out of control. I have incredible news for you!!!! NONE of that is true!!!! Now granted, there is a bit of work involved to get control and start growing but once you grasp the concepts and run with them you will truly be unstoppable in any aspect of your life. It’s not about just “believing in yourself” it’s about understanding our thoughts and how they are related to producing our final results by taking true responsibility for ourselves and realizing we are in control!!! 

I am all too aware that for some, the clock is ticking and they feel they are running out of options and the ability to cope. I am also too aware of our beloved men and women in uniform who work day and night to keep us safe all over the world are lacking in options for help and support geared toward their needs and lifestyle. This grossly underserved part of our society needs resources more than ever to cope with the horrors they face and challenges of being so committed to their life missions. Once in service, always in service and with that comes a massive responsibility to carry burdens that can last a lifetime.

Please allow me to offer hope to those who feel they have tried to seek help without success, allow me to offer a new way of looking at what challenges you so those challenges no longer seem crippeling. Let me show you that you have far more control over your healing and daily life than you ever realized. Absolutely everyone can benefit from coaching when they feel they are not sure of the direction to turn.

My name is Dayna Wheeler. I am a Life Coach specializing in Military personal, first responders and PTSD of all types. I am the owner of The Tightrope Project, a coaching platform for clients to receive one on one coaching for any struggles they may have. Please visit my website, It is my mission to help reduce stress and anxiety through the expansion of our emotional intelligence and understanding of basic brain function.

Disclaimer: The Women Marines Association does not endorse any products or services but merely posts this as an informational resource.