WMA 2020 Convention Cancellation

CANCELLATION of the 2020 WMA Convention and Professional Development Symposium

After due consideration of the current pandemic situation, the decision has been made to CANCEL the 2020 WMA Convention and Professional Development Symposium scheduled 3 – 7 September 2020 IN OMAHA NEBRASKA.

This decision is based on the COVID-19 pandemic due to concerns for the health and welfare of our membership along with the unspecific travel restrictions.
COVID-19 Pandemic’s highest risk category is those 65 years plus or
with health issues. The core age demographic of our Association is
between the ages of 50-75 years.
Restricted Travel for Military Personnel
This would include our keynote speakers and active duty members with an
unclear period for lifting these restrictions.

We can still keep the spirit of “Bringing your Oohrah” to Omaha alive. We may be alone at home but we are together in heart and spirit. We are currently working on plans to create ways that we can enjoy “virtually shared experiences” while we focus on the basic theme of the Convention, the 60 th Anniversary of WMA. As these plans develop, we will keep you informed.

Watch our Facebook pages and messages sent to our members for updates.
WMA 2020 OohRah to Omaha!


Respectfully and Semper Fidelis,
Jenifer Nothelfer,
2020 Co-Chair Area 7 Director

Penny Hardiman,
2020 Co-Chair NE-1 President