WMA – A New Look – UPDATED

As you know WMA has been working on bringing our association a fresh new look. You voiced your opinion and WMA listened. As you can see we changed the red color to reflect our Marine Corps heritage.

You spoke and WMA listened. We now proudly use the designated red of the Marine Corps. This is the WMA National Seal which is used for National business only.

For our chapters/members that have questions here are a few facts. If you have other questions that are not answered here they can be sent to listening@womenmarinesorg

The is the WMA Logo that is used by chapters and members. This uses the designated red of the Marine Corps.

New Logo FAQ’s

Will we need to get rid of our inventory with the old logo?

You can sell the inventory that you have as vintage WMA merchandise.

Do we have to use the new logo?

Yes. Our past logo with the silhouette has been retired. We will be using the new logo for both National and chapter.

Why are we required to use certain vendors?

When we were approved to use the EGA by the Marine Corps Trademark and Licensing Office it was explained that we must use the vendors that have been approved by them.

How do vendor’s get on the list.

To get on the list of approved vendors a business must make an application to the Marine Corps.

Will we still be able to sell our items with the old logo on it at convention?

You can sell your remaining merchandise with the old logo until your supply runs out.

What is the firm date for the use of the new logo?

During this transition period the WMA design team headed by Jennifer Moffitt will be working on getting all material up to speed. The firm date will be announced.

Will we still be able to display the old logo on our vehicles etc.?

Yes, if you have stickers, plates or other items with the vintage WMA logo you may still retain them.

Will sellers of the old logo have to stop selling them, i.e. Amazon car stickers?

Yes, as the sellers on Amazon do not have permission to sell this logo.

Will we receive new pamphlets and applications?  If so when?

Yes, we are currently working on getting all printed material redone to showcase our new branding. We hope to have it done in the next few months.

Will we need to order new business cards with the new logo or can we use the ones we have until they are gone?

You can use what you have and when they run out you can replace with the new format. This also applies to other items your chapter may have ordered to include banners, table skirts and other such items.

Will we have to order new name tags (if we use them) with the new logo?

No you do not have to reorder new items unless you want to.

How soon will all this be up and running before convention?

It will be up and running before convention. We hope to have more items ready for you shortly.

For those chapters who use the logo on items we sell, will the new brand package include the logos that vendors will need?

Yes. You will be able to get the proper logo with color codes from the Design Team. Design@womenmarines.org

Will you send the slide deck to chapter emails to share?

The presentation is currently on the WMA Chapter Networking page as well as the WMA page on FB. A chapter guide will also be sent to the chapter.

The logo is RWB; the covers will stay Marine green?

Yes. At this time there are no plans to change the color of our WMA cover.