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Quarterly Announcement submission by Area-6 Director

By: Rosa Osborn

This quarterly announcement period ends on the Fourth of July. As we remember our nation’s history, we also reflect on the history of Women Marines and the struggles we have overcome. As we continue to look forward and to grow, we need to be mindful of all the work ahead of us to ensure this an organization for all generations, young and old. The trailblazers of the past have opened the door for the young Marines to continue moving us into the future.

I am very proud of our Area 6 chapters and their focus to represent WMA honorably and visibly within the community. Their willingness to be interactive is an example to others and is a way in which the WMA can remain relevant and potentially bring new members to into our organization.

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On 6 April 2019, TX-7 Opha May Johnson chapter was front and center with an outstanding recruiting event at the “Good Oil Days” festival in Humble. 
They encouraged community involvement by having the festival-goers write messages to veterans who are patients at the VA hospital. Well done, Audrea Killalea and all of TX-7 ladies!

On 3 May 2019, I joined Audrea Killalea, TX-7 Opha May Johnson chapter president, at Atascocita High School where Marine Corps JROTC cadets were presented with end of year awards at a ceremony.

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On 4 May 2019, I joined Venesa Delgado, chapter president of TX- 3 San Antonio Rose, at their meeting, and I was impressed on the effort they are making to ensure WMA is represented at each JROTC award presentation within their area.

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Tx-6 San Antonio Rose Chapter Venesa Delgado and Yoli Salcido Vega

On 26 May 2019, for Memorial Day Weekend, ladies from the TX-7 Opha May Johnson Woman Marine Chapter and hundreds of other volunteers, honored those who served and sacrificed by ensuring each of the veterans had an American flag marking their gravesite. We also had an opportunity to see the bench that TX-2 Gulf Coast’s chapter donated to the cemetery.

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Top; Marcia Rooth, LaShanda Johnson, Lourdes Livey, Diamantina Rodriguez 
Bottom row: Jennifer Rooth, TX-7 President Audrea Killalea, AD 6 Rosa Frank

On 12 June 2019, a Women Veterans Day Luncheon was sponsored by the Astros Foundation and organized by Twila Carter, Executive director, Astros Foundation and SVP community Affairs, where they saluted heroes from every service. Texas Senate Bill 805 established June 12th as Women Veterans Day. What a great event and opportunity to connect with other Women Marines! We definitely stood out with our red blazers and WMA covers! It was a great recruiting opportunity! We also give Andrew Remson, Coordinator Community Affairs, Astros Foundation a huge THANK YOU for inviting women Marines to two military appreciation nights, 26 and 30 June to honor us for our service. Beverly Franklin and I were honored to be recognized on the 26th and Jane Thomas and Marty Raney were recognized on the 30th. What a treat to go down to the field and be on the big screen for all to see and salute us!

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Center in red dress is Twila Carter, Executive Director Astros Foundation and SVP Community Affairs on the stage with Women Marines who attended Veterans Day Luncheon
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Beverly Franklin and Rosa Osborn AD-6 Astros game 26 June 2019 
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Marty Raney and Jane Thomas at Astros Game 30 June 2019

On 4 July 2019, I joined TX-3 San Antonio Rose Marine Chapter President Venesa Delgado and members, TX-6 Gruene Marines Chapter President Kirsten Sultemeier and members for the 4th of July parade. What an amazing event. I was especially thrilled to be in the presence of our Past President, Betty Moseley Brown, and our current 1st Vice President, Angela Werner Maness and past 1VP Laura Brown Thank you, Kirsten Coelho Sultemeier and Venesa Delgado, for your hard work in putting this together!

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4th July Parade with TX-3 San Antonio Rose Chapter President Venesa Delgado and members and Chapter President of TX-6 Gruene Marines Chapter President Kristen Sultemeier and members, along with 1VP Angela Maness, Past President Betty Moseley Brown, Past 1VP Laura Brown

This has been a very eventful quarter, and I’m very grateful to have been able to share the experiences of our area’s chapter events with them, and I continue to look forward to what our future in this area’s growth will be and in the growth of our WMA!ImageDrag an image to upload, select a file from your library or add one from an URL.UploadMedia LibraryInsert from URL

For more information on joining a WMA chapter in Area 6 please contact Rosa Frank. AD6@womenmarines.org

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Area 6 – Director: Rosa Osborn
AR, LA, MS, OK, TX, and Mexic