WMA Orange County Marines

WMA Orange County CA Members-At-Large

Orange County CA Members-At-Large Guess who made her first impromptu meeting with the first WMA Chapter she ever belonged to? Yup! President Rhonda LeBrescu-Amtower celebrated our 76th Anniversary with some of CA-5’s remaining members…from the left: Rhonda; Patricia Singer; Sonia Gryske; Eileen Sampson; Ellie Fox; Valorie Lephart; Cheryl Garbett; and Eleanor Wilson.

All of us were spoiled by CA-7’s celebration luncheon. They are WONDERFUL! Valorie had her lucky charm in her hand… she won 4-door prizes!

Jibber-jabber…Ann Erb had a new hip installed and is becoming oriented anew…Vanda Bresnan is back to being perfect! She drives, she knits, she crochets, she quilts! Well done, Vanda! We are so happy for you and Nurse Mike!…Eleanor Wilson’s much beloved brother, CWO-4 James McElroy, left earth’s bounds in early January; he will be interred at Arlington National Cemetery…“Sue” Sousa and Eileen Scanlon have also had a change of address, same city though. Not New Orleans Mardi Gras celebrants but OCCMAL revelers none-the-less partying, masked and with beads and more beads…Patricia, Carlene, Eileen and Ellie…”Let the good times roll!” And for our special Marine Birthday Queens: congratulations and best wishes to: 5-10 Angela Madsen; 5-11 “Tippy” Paine; 5-13 Sue Roley Malone; 5-14 Ann Conover; 5-21 Patricia Singer; 5-31 Connie Schroller; 6-16 Sarah Martinez; 6-17 Mary Ann Merritt; 6-27 Jeanette Clayson; 6-30 Vanda Bresnan; 7-1 Lorry Vaca; 7-5 Eileen Scanlon; 7-20 Sonia Gryske; 7-22 Kathy Kincaid; 7-27 Mary Ann Rogers; 7-31 “Lee” Kearney.

And close to my heart, CA-8 celebrates their anniversary on 3 June. I was their installing officer in 1974! It’s been 45-years of spectacular contributions!

Our OCCMAL’s and all other women veterans were invited by the Navy Yacht Club Long Beach to a 2-hour Duffy boat tour of Alamitos Bay and a bar-b-que on 23 March 2019. Wow! They pulled out all of the stops for us. We led off in Boat #1 and we remembered to ask “Permission to come aboard Sir!” This year only Carlene and Ellie could attend…but next year let’s get our act together and show them we can get a boat-load of we Women of the Corps. We are beholden to Laurie Rudisill of the Long Beach, CA VA and Robbi Nagashima of the NYCLB for their dedication. May the approaching days of summer find each of you in good health and with many occasions to celebrate and adventures to happen to thee and those you love and cherish…Happy Mother’s Day…wedding wishes…graduations… fireworks for the Fourth…but most of all, for Memorial Day and remembering all of our sister Marines and the fellas too. They were the best of the best! “Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.”

Semper Tua (Always Yours).

Patricia Singer