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WMA GA-1 – Dogwood of Atlanta

Great news, the Georgia Dogwood Chapter of Atlanta (GA-1) is back!! Our chapter has been re-established through the ongoing efforts of our women Marines in the greater Atlanta-area. Our chapter was first organized in December of 1971 and was active for many years. Unfortunately, attendance declined because of logistical issues. If you’re familiar with Atlanta, then you are aware that no one location is convenient for any of us. That’s why, as a team, we agreed to meet at different locations throughout the greater Atlanta area, to be as fair as possible to everyone. Our first official launch as a chapter was at the Olive Garden in Duluth March 2018. And our guest of honor was our Area Director (AD3) Patricia Collins who traveled from Florida to partake in our inaugural event. Patty even met up with a sister Marine from the Augusta area who visited our meeting with hopes of gleaning ideas for starting a chapter in eastern Georgia.

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A few of the WMA GA-1 Dogwood Chapter in the Atlanta, GA area

Here are some highlights of events we participated in as a chapter. We are definitely on our way. September 2018, I attended the WMA Convention and Professional Development Symposium in Washington, D.C. This was the best convention I’ve attended thus far. The camaraderie was genuine, and we enjoyed the occasion. We also picked up our first chapter award. The first of many to come.

In November, GA-1 took part in the DAV5K race! Lots of veterans, several women Marines and most importantly, course friendly. Go Fasters!!! Then GA-1 celebrated our beloved Corps’ birthday with much rabble-rousing at Semper Fi Bar & Grille. Five other women Marines outside of GA-1 were identified at this grand celebration, including the proprietor. A great time was had by all between the food, the cake, the camaraderie, the beer and the silkies!

On December 1st, GA-1 volunteered at the Toys for Tots warehouse. The president of the Atlanta-area Toys for Tots said she needs Marines every day as GA-1 knocked out the warehouse! To put it in perspective: there were 150 volunteers, 20 of them were Marines. GA-1 and officer cadets. One side of the warehouse was GA-1, the other side the cadets, the middle 100+ civilians. The sides of the warehouse were unbelievably in order and cleaned up. The middle was…well, not quite in order and not near as much done. Be proud GA-1!! Oorah!!

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WMA GA-1 working Toys for Tots

On December 15, Dogwood Chapter GA-1 was in attendance at Marietta National Cemetery to remember and honor our veterans by laying remembrance wreaths on the graves of our country’s fallen heroes. GA-1 also worked alongside sister organization Georgia Military Women to honor our fallen in Canton’s Georgia National Cemetery as well as having members laying wreaths at the Georgia Confederate Cemetery.

For our first meeting of 2019, we had the privilege of taking our meeting to the King’s Bridge retirement community in Atlanta, where our sister Marine, 99-yearold WWII veteran Kathleen Eidson resides. We saw incredible pictures of her time in service beginning in 1945 until she was discharged at the end of WWII in 1946. While enlisted she was the paymaster for the officers’ account. Needless to say, she was well liked and respected. Kathleen chose the Marine Corps because her older brother had enlisted. She is the last born of 10 children. It was such an honor to be privy to the stories of her life’s journey. Kathleen has visited all seven continents and all 50 states. She was the keynote speaker at the 228th Marine Corps Ball in Rome, Georgia. We came together and gave back to our community.

Image may contain: 6 people, including Johnetta Williams, people smiling, people standing

WMA GA-1 with WWII Marine Kathleen Eidson.

We have several events scheduled, but this is the first for the year. Sweetwater Mission is one of our commitments, and we enjoy being of service. This is an excerpt from the article which was penned on their website “From the Halls of Montezuma…To the Shelves of our Pantry. Our retired Marines haven’t given up on service yet! Today they battled hunger in our community, nearly 2500 pounds of food was served to 40 families!” – Thank you, GA-1 Dogwood!

We’re Just Getting Started!!! If you live in the greater Atlanta area, come join your sisters in arms. Email: ga1@womenmarines.org; Instagram: @ ga1dogwoodwma; Twitter: @ga1dogwoodwma; Facebook: WMA GA1 Dogwood Chapter; website: https://wmaga1.wixsite.com/wmaga1.

Johnetta Williams President GA-1 Dogwood

GA-1 DOGWOOD OF ATLANTA     email: ga1@womenmarines.org