Molly Marines ‘N’ Company, August 29, 2012

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Molly Marine Presentation 29Aug12
PFCs Paige Pendergrass, Plt 4024, from Yadkinville, NC; and Brittaney Snyder, Plt 4025, from Pace, FL

The city of New Orleans dedicated the first United States monument of a woman in service uniform: “Molly Marine” November 10, 1943.  A local recruiter commissioned the statue to help recruit women during World War II. For female Marines around the world, Molly has come to represent the countless significant contributions women have made to the Corps. Molly has become a symbol of esprit de corps for all women Marines. Just before graduation from boot camp, the female recruits are asked to name one woman within their platoon who best exemplifies esprit de corps. Here, we celebrate two of our newest sisters, PFCs Paige Pendergrass and Brittaney Snyder, who’ve been honored with the additional title Molly Marine.

PFC Paige Pendergrass, Yadkinville, NC, Plt 4024, N Company

“The few the proud The Marines, a title every recruit wants to earn as they step through the silver hatches at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina.  A step that will push every recruit through obstacles they have never faced.

On 4 June 2012, over a hundred females entered those silver hatches.  Seventy seven of those females were given the tile of Platoon 4024.  Platoon 4024 had many different females who were challenged in many different situations.  Because the demands of becoming a Marine are so high, many of the females could not reach the standards that were required.  Through discipline and instruction, Platoon 4024 slowly started to come as one.

Every recruit in Platoon 4024 has been molded by discipline, instruction, and the Marine Corps Core Values that have been instilled in recruits for many years.  The recruits in Platoon 4024 have went through many challenges and struggles.  Through all these challenges, there is that one recruit who is willing to help, listen and give advice when is needed.  That one recruit who will go out of her way, will take on tasks and challenges for others.  Platoon 4024 defines a Molly Marines as a motivated, determined, and selfless recruit.

It is an honor to accept the title Molly Marine from Platoon 4024.  As recruits, we went from individuals, to a platoon, to sisters, ones that we will never forget.

PFC Brittaney Snyder, Pace, FL, Plt 4025, N Company

“United States Marine Corps Recruit Training Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina: the hardest of the hard, the toughest of the tough, and a place where only the strong survive.  Recruiting training is 13 weeks of mental and physical challenges and constant demanding for perfection. However, for the few who decide to accept the challenge, it is a life altering experience.

On Monday 4 June 2012, female recruits began to arrive aboard MCRD Parris Island and form platoon 4025. In the beginning, we were lost, scared, and having doubts about our decision to become one of the fewer and the prouder – female United States Marines. Day in and day out we struggled to grasp the concept of recruit training. However, we eventually learned that to make it on Parris Island you must possess three qualities: speed, volume, and intensity.

After many hardships certain recruits could no longer physically be apart of platoon 4025. Seeing recruits being separated from the platoon lit a spark somewhere inside the platoon. Having drill instructors with such passion, intensity, dedication, and teamwork we began to look up to them and strive to be like our drill instructors more and more each day. With such leadership presented to us, we started working as one rather than seventy. Recruit training is hard and there is nothing to do to make it easier; however, having 69 other females to call your sisters does have a certain inspiration behind it.

The Molly Marine is someone who other recruits count on and feel they can look up to, who does the right thing even when no one is looking, who always puts others before herself, who posses leadership qualities learned from her drill instructors, and most importantly the qualities for what it takes to be a Unites States Marine.

I am honored to accept the nomination for platoon 4025’s Molly Marine. Forming a family and having 69 new sisters is a true blessing and to even be considered, much less nominated, for Molly Marine is absolutely indescribable. ‘N’ovember Company, Platoon 4025 “One team, one fight.”

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