Women Marines Juggle the Challenges of Motherhood and Military Responsibilities

It’s following is a story familiar to Woman Marines (and other women serving in the military) from all over the country. With Mother’s Day just behind us, it’s worthwhile to pause and acknowledge that not only do these tough ladies embrace the daily challenges of being a United States Marine and all that entails, but they also fulfill their many roles as women: wife, friend, daughter, sister and mother. The last being, for some, the most important, as nothing compares to being responsible (and accountable) for the upbringing and mentoring of a little person to a contributing citizen. 

As reported by the New Bern, NC, Sun Journal

Lisa Strickland begins her days at 6 a.m. with physical training. Christinia Helms holds a brown belt in the martial arts.

And, they both remain ready to pick up a rifle and perform their duties in a combat zone.

Strickland, 23, a sergeant, and Helms, 20, a corporal, are Marines stationed at Cherry Point air station. While they wear their stripes proudly on their uniforms, they hold another title just as dear: mommy.

“Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a mom,” Strickland said last week. “And being a mother is absolutely amazing. I really enjoy being a mom and watching her grow.”

The two women each have a 19-month-old daughter. Strickland’s daughter, Avalon Rose, is two days older than Helms’ daughter, Ava Brooke.

“It’s an unexplainable feeling. You grin ear-to-ear,” Helms said. “No matter what she does, there’s this warm feeling. I’m still in awe that she’s my child.”

As wonderfully typical as these mothers are in their thoughts and feelings about their children, their path sharply diverges from their civilian counterparts. Most American working mothers find it demanding enough to report daily for a full-time job while juggling day care drop-offs, sick children, meal preparation, housework and the lot.

These women deal with family separations and war zone itineraries.

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