SSgt Elize McKelvey

2023 National Women’s History Month “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories” “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories” is not only…

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United States Marine Corps Women Reserves. USMCWR

2023 Anniversary of Continuous Service of Women Marines History of our Anniversary. (by Jeannine Franz and Gail Horn) By the…

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Transforming pain through paint, ‘Tech Picasso’ leaves traumatic memories behind

iAsia Brown spent 16 years as a gay woman in a “don’t ask, don’t tell” military. Now, she’s producing Xbox…

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Barbara Hoadley

USMC Enlisted in 1950 Greetings from Clovis, CA. My name is Barbara Hoadley and I am a proud WMA Life…

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80th Anniversary Message

Celebrating 80 years since the USMC Women Reserves 13 Feb 2380 years ago, the slogan “Free a Marine to Fight”…

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80th Anniversary of the Marine Corps Women Reserve

13 February 2023 – 80th Anniversary of the Marine Corps Women Reserve Since World War II By Rosa Osborn. It…

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Meet Kassie Diaz

WMA LIFE MEMBER An Interview with Kassie Marie DiazBy Alyssa Diaz Known as the first, and only, female to operate…

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Marine Recruitment 1970s

Recruitment of women Marines in the ’70s

This recruitment film, produced for the U.S. Marine Corps by Dallas-based Bill Stokes Associates, portrays the recruitment and training process…

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Our History – Our Service

By Rosa Osborn In 2010, as a warrant officer and several years in the Marine Corps, I thought I knew…

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Rosa Osborn

Julia Hamblet Awardee WMA extends congratulations to WMA Member Rosa Osborn as the 2022 recipient of the Julia Hamblet Award….

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Mary Palazzolo

Mary Palazzolo WMA Member of the Week

Mary Palazzolo is a life member of WMA joining first with the Motor City Chapter located in Michigan in the…

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Roberta “Randy” Tidmore

WMA Meet Our Member

Roberta “Randy” Tidmore Randy was one of 18,000 women who joined the Marines by that year. While comprising just 4…

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